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The Megalodon Building

I honestly never saw this building before and I don’t think it was in the movies? Could it be hinting at something?


Cool Pyrri death. :rofl:


I hope not. I hope they just add more DINOSAURS.

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Wait you managed to beat the pyritator boss. how did you do it? I haven’t done it yet but i’m assuming that you need:
-rajakylo/ankyntro (tank)
-phorusaura (to instantly kill the archaeotherium which is a threat to the tank)
-dilorano/paramoloch (healer. Also dilorano could distract and paramoloch could cleanse the pyritators distraction. it depends on which one you want)
-allosino/tyrannolopho (to kill the nodosaurus)

I would like to hear which four creatures you used because i haven’t attempted the boss yet. Also I would like to hear its moveset for round 2


Here’s the video of the entire raid for you to copy down the strats if you want, we used level 20’s and those were Skoolasaurus, Diloranosaurus, Entelomoth and Tryostronix, good luck!

Oh but don’t use Tip the Scales like we did lol, sure we won, but the way we used it didn’t necessarily help us lol, oh well we know for next time.

Oh yeah, the moveset for round 2 is exactly the same, the only difference is that it gets a 4th move, which is defense shattering strike(It targets all opponents)

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Thank you!

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Cool. Hopefully that means marine creatures aren’t far away.

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I thought that was a regular pyrritator.

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