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The meta creature that no one talks about

we were all thinking about how ardentismaxima and trykosaurus are extremely broken, and that weird cat thing. but there is another danger, lurking in the shadows, it had been hiding its true power since before the game was fully released. And its name is,… dilophosaurus. you may ask, why is it so good? the answer is, that it can make the opponent do negative 1 damage(don’t have a screenshot:( ) and if it is quicker than it can keep something distracted for the entire rest of the time dilopho is still alive. if you give it a little bit of speed, and health, you will create of monster. (This is just a meme, I id this cause dilopho got a major buff XD)

No resistance. To slow for fast dinos.

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Laughs in Resilient

But Dilo is stronger than even before, indeed. Nice to see it


It’s the ultimate rex-killer

Dilophosaurus is very good in the Rare tourneys, if at team level.

However, in this Resilent-heavy meta, it’ll only take you so far.

Not a dilophosaurus, but my unboosted team got utterly destroyed by a heavily boosted Diloracheirus, making her parent proud.

I thought this was gonna be about Touramoloch. I’m not the only one right?

I had a similar situation with a thicc tuora too :laughing:

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Heavily boosted Tuora and Diloracheirus are a problem for most teams. Can be more annoying than the dracorats even

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Heal all her HP every 3 turn soo frustating

…I got soooo trolled. LOL


Going by that Logic, is Pyro and Monolopho also good? All kidding aside, the abundance of Resilience Moves kills it. Not to mention the Trykos and Maximas patrolling the arena with disregard for Distraction (since Tryko can cleanse, and Maxima has 75% Resistance to it)
Imo, one non-meta creature that is lurking in the shadows would prob be sucho. If itll bleed, Sucho’ll make it bleed (Batman Reference :laughing:)

Dilo took me by surprise in the rare skill tournament as a few people ran it in the top 10, but it wasn’t a staple as resilient moves just ate it alive