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The metriacanthosaurus bug

for those who own Jurassic World evolution, you can spot a bug with the metriacantosaurus, a blue light emanates from its mouth.

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What are you playing with, I am playing on xbox and never saw anything wrong with my metria

I also play on xbox, blue does not appear all the time, the light appears when he is running, not while he is screaming or fighting.

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I never saw it but maybe report it on frontier forum bug report :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I also love this game, where are you on the campaign???

uh … i still haven’t logged in to frontier, but i will do it later anyway i want to keep this bug because it’s funny!

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Uhhhhh. This is Jurassic World the Game not Jurassic World Evolution?


I know … but this bug was so (strange) that I had to put it in, and then with the Cenozoic bug, what a cool bug there is in Jurassic World the game …

it is the boss metriacanthosaurus boss
hoping for a new update with camp creteous season 3 and dominion!!!