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The metricathosaurus gen 2 dart

I don’t know what to think of this didn’t get a screenshot but I will tell you what happened, okay so I got on my took a two pictures of proceratosaurus in front of a almost full moon, then I was on the map and clicked to dart a miragia, then on the screen it said metricanthosaurus gen 2 and told me that my drone aim was far away from the dino. The dino was out of the screen so i can’t tell you what it looked like. Then it reloaded to show miragia.


Hrmmm. Interesting. Another new dino leak?

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Guys i just tapped on an anklosaurus and i got the same screen as before but I also noticed I had a dart capacity of 0999 and had infinite battery.

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Just clicked on a nundashuchus same thing nothing diffrent. Luckily this isn’t game breaking. But I wonder if Ludia is adding diffrent starter dinos. Because in june of 2019 the starter dinos were nundashuchus, apatosaurus and velociraptor, compared to 2018’s starter dinos which were einasaurus and mujasaurus and of course velociraptor.

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This has been a known glitch for many months now.

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Oh sorry, didn’t realize that.

No worries. It does raise the question of if this placeholder dino, which is super random, will have any significance in a later patch.

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I’ve never seen or heard of this. Why haven’t you screenshot it if it happens frequently?

People have been seeing this for months. Little sad its not been released yet.

I’ve never encountered this yet. Didn’t realize it was a previously known issue.

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If you look very carefully in the original Jurassic Park you can see metricanthosaurus labelled on the embryo cryo fridge… I spotted that when watching it last night. So it’s been in the pipeline a long time. :wink:


Here is a thread from February with some screen shots showing the name.