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The Mighty money event problem

Like, you get barelly 120 bucks if you win the event, at what cost? A practically hardcore fight, and if you loose, you gotta waste more bucks, so you loose more, you win less.

Let me put an example.

The enemies dinos are all almost maxed out tournament creatures, you have normal legendaries, if you loose, you know that you gotta waste a lot of bucks, and you gotta put your best creatures in battle.

I am saying, you loose more, while you win less.

I say they should buff the rewards, what am i saying? More bucks people, like in total, the harder the fight is, the more you get

Like, in total, in a really hard fight you should get at least 3000 bucks, and the easier one 300. These are just numbers, but fair enough for an already dificult event.

Well it is now 200 bucks but should be 1k. As long as you have depth so you can complete it without using bucks it is a prophet

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1k, fair, but i have a problem, as i said in my example, the cratures can be really powerfull, therefore i said it should be 3000, but idk.

You’re approach this Event the wrong way.

If you have a balanced line up with all 4 classes about equal to each other at the top of your line up, this event shouldn’t be a major problem or require buying back Dino’s.

Buying back Dino’s normally indicates that you leveled up too quickly. Expand you line up at the top.


do you think expanding my lineup is easy? it ain’t that way.

expanding my lineup would require more creatures, and I lack that, besides, this event requires your best creatures, as I said before.
I don’t have a lot of good creatures, I have for 3 rounds, after that, I would have to wait almost 7 hours

and also, the lack of bucks that is normal around the community, and when this event appears, it almost always does when another good event is in. that’s my issue, I would need more bucks, cuz 120 is just gonna make up for 2.

and having bucks and not wasting them is a problem for me, that is why I created this thread, to inform of some issues.

and yes, I like leveling up, it unlocks more stuff and the game becomes (in my perception) more accessible and easier.

and also, I have more herbs at the top, so it’s not actually balanced…

but thanks for the tip, helps me to improve my experience in game

The very top of my line up around I-Rex L21 is about 30 creatures deep. Followed by another 80+ around the VIPL20 range. Many are super hybrids sub L10. I play super conservative, but the other day I had to try my infinity battle (last forever running battle stage) 3 times.

You are experience the down side to leveling up to fast.

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While the event could use a reward boost, although it just did if your level is high enough, your team balance is off if you have to use DB to complete the event.

Also the event Fight for Funds, which I believe you are discussing is not the Mighty Money event (which is the current title of this thread), please update your title.


So you see, just as everyone has been saying, something is seriously wrong with your lineup if you can’t defeat Fight For Funds in a day. Also, if you feel that it’s very difficult to expand your lineup, then your top dinos are probably too strong for you to maintain.


If you can’t complete the event over the course of a day without using bucks to speed up cool downs the game is showing you that your lineup for whatever that event is needs work. It’s not the games fault, all you can do is take the feed back from the game and make adjustments to your battle strategy and or your creature collecting and advancement plan/strategy to make it easier. Not every event in the game should be easy, things get pretty boring that way JMO.

The new rewards are 200db’s (not sure if it is less for lower players, probably is which isn’t fair IMO). Either way 200dbs is an ok reward for the event especially compared to some other rewards, not complaining, the previous 120 dbs was pretty bad though IMO.

Plus if you think you have it bad imagine being an end game player that needs to use 9 of their absolute best dino’s to complete this event where those dino’s have cool down’s that are several days, all for 200db’s


I was like that. Resist. Go on the game less (if u need to). Have apato fossils in your market. Use trade refrest everyday and take every buck offer you get (dna>bucks, apato fossils>bucks, lp>bucks, coin>bucks, food>bucks)

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Another random point, Tuesday is typically a lighter day for the Jurassic line up, aside from extras like the Gen2 Fury for today. So while the event is one of the harder ones, it is made a little less so by lack of competition. Granted I’ve been getting some tough infinity battles as of late.

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M8. Theres a diference between your lineup and mine.

While you have a lot of good creatures and stuff, i dont.
I barely have like 6 good creatures, then the rest is just, not good.

So yeah, theres a diference between your lineup and mine (you can also waste more good dinos, since you have more, i suppose.)

I meam, its like a roller coster, 50% of the time i fail, and the other i win, my problem is, that after you loose, or win, you loose your lineup.

And that, winning only 120 bucks (in my case that i have a poopy lineup), just sucks.

You kind of highlighted my point.

I never only had 6 top Dino’s.

How do you finish in tournaments?


That’s already wrong. A 50% winrate on Fight for Funds is, long story short, unacceptable for any reasonable lineup. If you’re only at 50% winrate for that event, and that single 3-match event is taxing your lineup to the point where you’re suffering from it, then again your lineup is not deep or balanced enough.

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you don’t need to use 3 strong creatures this is the trick :sunglasses:

Why do i smell beaver?

Alr alr… i might have talked too much, but the event’s not the same for everyone, though its hard, theres diferent creatures for each person

But y’know, still hard if you ask me.

If you ask in a tournament, i barelly get to the legendary part and my lineups run out, i only got to win 1 event wich was the banagnomious event, wasnt unlockable.

And i barelly got to dominator, i won bc i was early, but thats all.

How long have you been playing? This game is a marathon, not a sprint. I’m just over a year.

It sounds like you just need more time playing to build up Dino’s.