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The Mighty money event problem

@Matsaago_Robby share your lineup in here so we can all show you where you need to improve.

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the difficulty is something that can be overcome… not problem
Take a look this :point_down:

the opponent’s ferocity is far superior to my team… but who won? :wink:


How have you only got 6 good creatures? Did you sell your lineup to make these creatures? I’m just curious because that’s a real shallow lineup right there

The event is also ferocity based so essentially you can increase or decrease the difficulty depending on what your top creatures are…

Let me create a post rq, ima link it here

I was gonna share it…

Ludia didnt let me to, it said there was an error

Abt now, if i count other abandoned accounts then for atleast 6 years (if we include builder)

Basically all the other times i played are on diferent ver.
And i lost all that progress.

Now im on a recent, and yes, in this recent log i have, pretty much the same i got 3 or 4 years ago, practically a LOT