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The mix of dinosaurs is poor


HI All,

Since the pre-last updates the mix of dinosaurs in the area’s I am is really poor. The only dino’s I see now majorly are the Apato, Stego en Sarcosuchus. Not many other common dinosaurs are available for the hunt. Previous the mix was different and better. Now it’s just these three for the most and I haven’t seen an Nundasuchus and Einosaurus for 2 weeks now and I need a lot of their DNA for my lvl 18 Einosuchus.

For the record I am reguarly in 3 areas in the netherlands stretching over 60km apart so it’s not that I am in a concentrated part of the country.

Is anyone experiencing the same problem?


They did most of the commons local zone, thats hurt me cause i must move like 10km to catch parasaurolopus for example and my tragosdistis grow so slow now. Also v raptor soawn is so poor i usually got like 7k dna each night and now i hunting like 4,5 v raptor whit luck…


At evening you will see more nundasuchus, velociraptor, and other carnivores! Currently on holiday, I walk along the beach and find them, is more fun. Going out that late at home is less interesting I know but that’s when you’ll find them!


Yeah, pretty much nothing but Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Suchomimus.

Granted, I am farming Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus like mad to make hybrids (since I stupidly let other hybrids escape my reach with their rotation of components with the update), but it is aggravating to be so far behind and subject to the whims of so-called “commons” when I can go around town and it’s all the same junk.

Frankly, I’m at the point where I’m going out of my way to stop for Allosaurus just because it’s the beefiest attacker I can pseudo-plausibly rely on (since the early raptor users still mop the floor with me due to sheer level advantage). Almost 15 with it, might just grind out to 20 or more so I’m not totally outclassed by the people with more time and money than me.


I was, because I live in a rural neighborhood, probably. But just in the last couple of days, it’s improved immensely, at least when it comes to Rares. The reason, I think (partly, anyway)? I posted about it on the FB page for the game, I kid you not. Here’s the post: [quote]So, every few hours yesterday (DURING THE DAY), a different Rare spawned on the road in front of my house. I’d like to see that kind of spawn rate more often (I live in a rural neighborhood.), rather than the way it’s been today so far— just seeing the same four or five Commons, while those very same Rares spawned further away enough that, had I gone after them (I didn’t.), would have required the use of data, rather than Wi-Fi, which I prefer not to do because it gets expensive. Thanks.[/quote]

I wrote it on Monday. Since then, I’ve seen multiple Rares. Just over the past few hours (Not that I want the appearance of Rares & Epics to be limited only to those hours, mind. During the day & evening would be nice, too.) I’ve seen & darted a whole string of them, all of which have spawned basically in my front yard (including Echo & a Gen 2 T-Rex), along with one Epic (Baryonyx).

It could be coincidence, I suppose, but I don’t know :woman_shrugging:. As I said, the number & species diversity have increased significantly since I made that post, so I’d like to think someone who moderates the game’s FB page saw it & relayed the message to the game’s programmers, and they put in whatever codes, commands, etc. are necessary & responsible for determining spawn rates. My point being, they actually do listen to us sometimes :slightly_smiling_face:.


I’ve also noticed that. The only things that spawn near me are giraffititan, suchomimus, allosaurus, and the occasional epic.


Einiosaurus changed to a night/dawn/dusk spawn as well, just like Nundasuchus. There’s still a slim chance of spotting them during the day, but you’d have to be awfully lucky.


Hi, also from the Netherlands :slight_smile:

Same here but change is good, gues it will be every new update. JW Alive updates realy often. So I think you have to slow down a bit. Or play hardcore on :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont make JW World your life. But I Know its kind of addicting


Hoi. Het is niet mijn leven maar ik heb nog 1600 DNA nodig voor de volgende level einosuchus. Dat is dus zo een 8k van beide. En dan vind j ze niet :sob:


Ja dat is ook zo. nu een stuk zeldzamer dan de eerste paar maanden