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The modded adventure continues

If you all remember @Cagkan_Coskun made a thread earlier on in the year to record the results of his modded PvP run. This is just a continuation of that, however posting on that thread would have caused it to be closed due to necro posting.

So today I did 20 battles (secretly with the aim of getting another rajastega ofc :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

So here are the results…

  1. Monolophosaur
  2. 50 dime sdna
  3. 40 dna
  4. 50 dime sdna
  5. 50 dime sdna
  6. 40 lp
  7. ophiacodon
  8. 50 sarco sdna
  9. 40 lp
  10. Ophiacodon
  11. Aerotitan
  12. 40 dna
  13. 40 lp
  14. Sdna pack (20 sarco, 20 mono, 20 mono, 25 kapro)
  15. 40 dna
  16. Aerotitan
  17. Shunosaur
  18. 80 db
  19. 125 dna
  20. 50 euplo sdna

150 dime sdna
70 sarco sdna
50 euplo sdna
40 mono sdna
25 kapro sdna
245 dna
120 lp (x2 for vip)
80 db
1 monolophosaur
2 ophiacodon
2 aerotitan
1 shunosaur

This is all from reaching the elite prize wheel, so make sure that at least 1 of your creatures can reach this wheel for the best results!

If anyone else wants to record results of what theyve generated feel free to post them here, even if it’s just a few battles a day, always interested to see what people gain from this. Will try to add here regularly at least once a week.

To also note I only purchase common mods, coin caps out at just under 3 mill per mod, so that’s eventually 9 mill coins per modded battle, it’s a good idea to have a decent coin production if you are planning on grinding modded each day :slight_smile:

However the DB doesnt increase so even spending 40 DB per battle (includes entry fee) is worthwile IMO for the potential sdna you can earn.

Landed on 2 mod card packs aswell which is 8 cards, this can save you some bucks in the long run (or coin aswell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


kinda good for 20 battles

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Just did 4 modded .

  1. 40/50 lp
  2. Spinoraptor
  3. 50 dime sdna
  4. Diplotater
    Feeling lucky .

Thats really awesome

When do the wheels improve? I am stuck on the first

At higher level creatures. I find the wheel improving at lvl 40 legendary level

Hey @Aether_12! Nice move man! I’m so happy to see another, newer, fresher modded record on the forums.

Especially while I’m having a really odd feeling upon those lately, as they could’ve nerfed it and made 'em even harder to win per battle as you go second most of the times with a great class disadvantage. At least, my game has been like that since couple of months back.

So I’d really love to see your progression as well as our other dear friends on the forum, both to feel happy with your earnings and also to see if I’m the only one with the short stick here.

Nice job pal. :facepunch:t2:


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Well damn, todays modded outcome was amazing, not only were the battles force feeding herbivores to my carnivores such as this battle…

No rajastegas this time but every single prize was worthwhile here, only had time to do 6 battles today but here are my results…


Probably the best outcome I’ve had from any PvP run tbh :grin: