The "Monolorhino" Experience

Congratulation ludia ,

You did it!!!

You have made the worst unique of the history!!

From something which was low apex,he loose almost 250 hp and earn nothing else?

Welcome the monomimus brother !

:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: MONOLORHINO :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

So,i have made this topic for this very special occasion (Yes,its the first time,we will see a unique maybe alpha or beta)

So,lets go pals,
Do some memes about this ICONIC creature of JWA


Ludia: All creatures with Mono in their name will receive a fat nerf just because.


The worst unique in my opinion is unfortunately Pterovexus (also with Mono DNA). Why? Because of the ridiculous idea of not giving it a rampage attack! Why on earth would you only give impact to a Unique? Doesn’t sound very unique to me😜


It’s like Daryx nerf back in 1.7


Exactly my thought the “mono” curse just BEGIN!!!

Do never spend a dime on something which have “mono” in his name!!

But i think,he is still OP for a mono,I would aswell split his dmg by 2!


I think bleeders in general could use a buff right now. Give 'em all a damage boost or better attacks or something


Instead of the “Monolorhino” Experience, it should be called the “Monomimus” Experience. Cause that poor ostrich has had it hard for ages ;_;

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Ludia to Scaphotator, an already solidly meh super hybrid, nerf. It has alright damage, and it’s a bleeder, but it just doesn’t do as well as Sarcorixis and Thylacotator. Although Thyla got the nerf hammer as well.

Considering this is all about IMMUNE TO X, they dominate and combined with boosts it makes it SO hard to use these new dinos or use different ones you want to use, especially Monolorhino

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