The monostego controversy and how to fix it

So monostego, the dinosaur that was on every team prior to 1.9, the star of the 1.8 meta and one of the best 1v1 dinos at the time, then 1.9 hit and once everybody looked at the patch notes they went crazy. Some liked the fact that monostego was more team oriented and others hated it. The fact is that monostego was harshly nerfed just so ludia could showcase swap in stunning strike. Which was extremely unnecessary. In the span of 24 hours it went from being one of the best dinos in the game to swap in fodder just to get a bit of damage. Now don’t get me wrong monostego is still decent. But it’s nothing compared to what it was and that could be applied to every ceratopsian, i think a very good way to fix monostego would be to simply revert it back to it’s 1.8 glory, or buff it. I believe buffing it is the right answer though. It’s damage is just simply way WAY too low for what it does. Like if i decided to run it i would have to go for a maximum attack build just to compensate for the crappy damage. 1K attack while not even having a rampage just doesn’t cut it. Now it’s obviously in a better position than dracocera right now but not by much. At least DC has the damage on it’s side. Buffing the attack to 1.2K would be the sweet spot. Or leaving the damage at 1K and replacing greater stunning impact with greater stunning rampage. It has a wonderful kit but it’s held back by terrible attack just like gamma. I think monostego could still be king with a medium-sized buff but right now it just isn’t good in my personal opinion, seeing as how literally the best ceratopsian in the game is now mediocre shows how badly it needs buffed, there’s a reason you hardly see it on teams. Oh and the other ceratopsians aren’t even usable they’re so bad. Stegocera is kind of good in skilled tournaments but in the arena? Easy kill at best

So here’s a poll on the matter, vote for the option you’d like.

  • Monostego stays the same.

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  • Monostego’s attack goes up by 200 points and gains GSR for GSI

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  • Monostego gets reverted to 1.8 stats and moveset

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I agree with your solution, a damage buff to 1200 would be ideal

If you take away the swap in stunning strike, ok. If not, forget it!

Monostego is still extremely useful, just in a different way. I don’t run it, but it usually gives me a headache when I face it combined with a strong team. Mono is for support now, not 1v1 battles. If you want it to be strong by itself, then first they should take back this swap stun + Dig In bullcrap.


With or without stunning strike?

With, though honestly It is fine, it’s in high Apex.

Lol ya I’m with @Arnold on this one, I’m fine with a damage increase but without the swap stunning strike, maybe if it was just swap in stun

Right now it needs everything it can get, so a 1200 attack buff while keeping swap in stunning strike would be great. And i wasn’t referring to the 1v1 monostego being horrible (although it is) i was talking about monostego as a whole, swapping and all. It’s just not that good of a creature right now and i think a couple very bad things about it could be patched up

I guess you both are right. To me monostego is fine right now. If It is to be changed, It should just revert to it’s pre dig in and swap in stunning strike state.

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I don’t see the need to change it…
Right now, the community is definitely finding it more useful than ever as fodder.
Don’t boost it, don’t care about it at all… just save your crutch and set it up again.

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I feel that it’s def swap in fodder but not to protect crutches. The fact that you need to build your entire team around running monostego just goes to show how mediocre it really is. It’s just about as mediocre as thor

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Yes it needs buffed. The stupid rework was uncalled for and not needed. They made one of the most popular balanced Dino’s into a completely different thing… It definitely doesn’t have the attack it should and I would appreciate it to be great again.

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Monostego is perfectly useable in a battle among Uniques even though it’s a Legendary. That makes it fine as it is. I mean, not fine because I’m against the swap in stun with damage, but you get the point…

Better stats without swap in strike, Ok… With it, no thank you… Last thing we need is another rat in the arenas, especially one with higher HP and 30% armor…


No, you build your team around the idea that you are a weak player that needs a shortcut so let’s put boosts in the dinos that give you easy victories and complete the team with dinos that offer a safe exit and protection for them in the game.
I see more Monostegos now than ever, so I would say the changes are working.

I don’t like this Monostego, but it seems like the type of game Ludia wants.

Given the climate, Monostego is better than it was before. If 1.8 Monostego were to return, it wouldn’t be higher than Mid Apex and probably dropped from top teams.

Monostego sadly is now only good for tournaments. Dropped mine, as soon as they ruined it. I always laugh and take the free kill when I see one in arena and I’m running unboosted team.
Get rid of that swap in stunning strike. Most of meta creatures are immune to stuns. Damage that strike does is worse than DCs with Savagery. DIG in just make it annoying mosquito against creatures that don’t break shields/pierce armor, without any real benefit. Give it both nullifying moves back and buff damage. That way you get good Indo g2 counter.


Exactly. And a monostego with 1200 attack with swap in strike isn’t gonna be NEAR as powerful as DC was

If anything it needs 1.2K attack, keep swap in stunning strike and maybe replace GSI with GSR

The thing is with rat you swap in you hit and you can instantly be one shotted, stunnable, or distracted, plus it doesn’t go thru armor nor shields. mean while mono literally it’s like I’ll just swap in here goes thru armor and whoops it stuns free swap in with no consequences and even if the stun fails you’ll get a big hit in, plus mono has 30% armor that is as much as tryko and stegodeus

And that’s why crying about the current monostego is not seeing the point.
You liked the other version better? Cool.
But the current one is not better, but much more annoying.
Buffing it for the sake of buffing it is just another reason why WE shouldn’t be in charge of this choices.


But it needs some sort of buff to be good again, right now it’s only annoying and just prolongs the match. I feel good when opponent monostegos come out because they’re VERY easy kills