The monostego controversy and how to fix it

It’s good.
Just not what you want.
Deal with it.

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If it’s good then can you explain why almost nobody uses it?

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I can explain it.
You are wrong and people are actually using it more than before.
Because right now you don’t even need to invest on it.
Run it unboosted, underlevelled and just protect your crutches.
It’s not a dino, is a bodyguard. A shortcut to greatness at the cost of the game.

There’s a lot of Monostegos out there still, and they can be annpying even without boosts! As I said, it’s a support creature now, It’s not meant to be strong by itself!

But it’s not even a good support dino lol. 1K damage, no rampage, and no helpful passives drag it down. Not to mention swap in stunning strike is next to useless seeing as how the meta is bulk and immune

I’m gonna edit a poll onto my post real quick

How is not?
The point is doing damage while retreating… and the chance to actually set-up.
That’s all it needs to do, that’s all people is asking it to do…
Oh yeah, outside of that… doesn’t bring much to the table.
But people are totally loving it.

Now again it has a good kit and everything but it’s just lacking for some reason. I think the reason why it’s so bad is because of all the immunes running around, it can’t do anything to immunes and they’re everywhere, i think monostego would fare a lot better if the current meta wasn’t bulk/immune. And most of the monostego users who are still running it are kind of in that denial stage not wanting to accept that it’s not good anymore. Ludia done did monostego and the rest of the ceratopsians dirty and I’d love to see a re-work or buff to make them more than fodder

There is no reason to continue this discussion.
You refuse to see how Monostego works perfectly with the current style of the game.
You are the one in denial, wanting it to be something it no longer is…
And until you deal with that, there is no point in continuing this.
Au revoir.

There is reason to continue the conversation, I’m trying to see your logic and where you’re coming from. As a previous monostego user that used it for a bit after 1.9 i have experience with the modern monostego and i just couldn’t see how it was “perfect” as you say

I still use it lol.
I’ve been using it since like July, 2018. I’ve seen it better, and seen it worse… MUCH worse.
Right now, it fills its role well.

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Personally I liked it when it had the toolkit with nulls, distractions and stuns, was very versatile…though in an immune meta those wouldnt be much help outside of the nulls to stop the Yoshi’s and Indo2’s.

I just don’t like that they turned the beloved Monostego into a mini-rat :(, they should have been removing ratting abilities, not adding more =/


If u have tryko or dio which most team’s do then u know monosteg isn’t trash. If used correctly it can swap in on tryko and actually kill it. 8f it lands the stun it can also kill thor. I battle against tons of monostegs in nublar and its beaten me more than once its far from fodder

I agree that reverting It could be a good Idea, but having distraction instead of null strike made monostego much better. If It reverted I’d preffer having distraction and null impact, along with the old stats of course. Though i don’t think the current version is bad, it’s sad that It lost the nullyfier role but it’s still really good, it’s high Apex after all. Like you said it does great in tournaments. There’s also the thing that If It reverted It probably wouldn’t be as good in this meta. It would end up being on the same tier or worse. I used It until i droped It for maxima, and It was still good. I’m okay with the way It is now actually.

That’s true i did forget about distraction. So it could keep distraction and the rest gets reverted