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The monsters in your arena

In your arena whats the most common and annoying creature that you always see? For some reason theres a lot prorats and utahraptors in mine.

nitro thors and the occasional super procerath or indo g2.


Yeah usually i will see lvl22+ proceras and dracoceratops

149 speed Thor.
150 speed Magna / Tryo.
This thing.

This other thing.

This chunky Gemini:


Thats gross

Indoraptor gen 2 and procerathomimus. Surprise.

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I saw a lot of indo g2 when i first got to my current arena, i see it much less now.

Procerats all the time.

Oh yeah I forgot this one. Enjoy.


A level 21 pterovexus :scream::scream::scream::scream:

And a nitro charge suchotathor

It’s even faster than my Procerthomimus, i just get lucky with a crit :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, i was amaze with that one


Mega allosino, paras, and indo G2.

Proceratomimus, Paramoloch and pretty much anything with stun and/or distraction.

I have a level 15,parasaaurolophus,level 18,Tragodistis,48 Paramoloch DNA(from Event),this is the parasaurolophus family I have so far.

The ones that get me are faster Gemini’s, Maxima’s, and Tryo’s (Yes the legendary one)
Another mechanic I find difficult is someone who plays a combo of Grypo and Monostego.
Fun fact: On reset when I’m dropped to Library/Gyro I can get surprised by Procera and Draco. I’m just not set up for fighting them.
149 speed Thors go down quick though.
In Nublar a 149 speed Thor is too slow, low health, and low damage.
I love fighting those on reset.

Those are weak to slowers. Low HP, low damage = food for Smaxima and Gemini.


Indeed it could

Looking at that. That is better than the last word cause it has some adjectives to add.

Fought this thing a little bit ago.

I won thankfully.