The monthly reset is crazy

So here we go again with the nonsensical reset throwing everyone into a matchmaking nightmare that makes absolutely no sense at all.

Players who get anything over 5500 but under 6000 are all thrown together at 5499. It’s taken pretty much the whole of the last season to get myself to just over 5500 and since the reset I’ve been matched vs teams way stronger than mine including 2 that I know for sure were just short of shores last season.

How is this logical?
It creates a serious aversion to entering the arena for a week or more until it settles back down! If that’s the intention please explain why it makes sense because to me it is the very epitome of madness to upset the player base more than they already are!

Why not drop players to no more than 100 below where they were? 5920 to 5899, 5760 to 5699 etc…… and the same in every other arena? Surely this would prevent the chance of players who are way below the strength of others facing each other time after time as is happening right now.