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The More Rare The Components = The more you get good fuses?

This is Interesting, When i am Fusing Tryo i keep Getting 30 because me As A newbie Player, The Components were not easy to find, Especially Dimetroodon. However, When i am Fusing Indoraptor, I keep getting 10 10x In a row. This is probably because indo component is Easy to get and because of 2 Common and 1 Epic. Either this My luck or Ludia Set up the Fuses, Where that Creature Gets more Dna while this Creature dosent gets more dna.

I was fusing Ankyntro to work towards Tryko and got almost all 10s and a couple 20s and 30s. I think its either luck or the opposite since Ankyntro is made up of 2 epics.


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No way it works like that. Gemini is one of the hardest creatures to fuse, but when I was creating him I got 15 (!) 10s. That was painful


It is actaully quite the opposite it seems, the rarer the more 10s you’ll get, after all it’s Ludia we’re talking about

I’d hope it’s like that but it’s definitely the opposite for sure.

By the way do you mean 1 common one epic lol cause raptor is needed for both indom and indoraptor

I know it’s been said that multi-fuse doesn’t affect the fuses, but I can only think of once, maybe twice, when I’ve received 5 10s in a row using it (out of many, many 5 multi fuses). Meanwhile, when I don’t use it, it’s almost always 10. If I’m lucky there’ll be a 20 in there.

Yeah. Because there is 3 components, so I say 2 common instead of 1, so i am not confused