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The Mortem 10 club

Okay, who else is part of this club and wants out? :joy:

I did a Morty raid tonight hoping to get a big score before they changed it tomorrow. I should have waited, I would have been guaranteed 5 more than I have now :rofl:

Knowing my luck I have 17 more weeks to go.


im part of it. 10 both weeks i’ve been able to beat it.

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All I have is 10 :frowning: hopefully I get a 50 or 60 tommorow.

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If you do it after the “update” it’ll be maximum 30. That’s why I wanted to try and get it done before they changed it.

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I thought they postponed it until next week.

Not according to the latest update in this post

it says due too some issue it will be postponed or am I just reading an outdated message?

Pretty sure that’s the old one. That’s why it’s hidden. That part was posted yesterday, the other one above it is from today. Super confusing I know.

Oh okay since it was hidden under “UPDATE” I figured it would be an update on the latest news… @Ned could you confirm this please?

Ofc, me always got 10 and always got critt on mortem raid

I’m a member and it sucks!!

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2 tens in a row before the update, yay



I didn’t get it the first week so I’m one 10 behind everyone else lol


I’m with Phil; the even more sad 30 pt club :sob:

who’s in the 20 club? :raising_hand_woman:


Me LoL yay

You can go away tyvm :joy:


Is there a Mortem 0 club?