The Mortem 10 club

Shucks. Not QUITE there. No one left to do it when I was trying all day to get 'er done Week 1 so got nothing, of course. 10 since except last week where it was 50 so I’m technically doing “okay, not great but not gosh-darn-awful”.

I’m in the best one, 0 club :joy:


In the 10 club. That’s all I have. Missed it the first week, got hand my butt the second week. MNBrian helped us get it the 3rd week, got 10 dna and last week I logged on late and wasn’t anyone around to team up with. Not really expecting to unlock this thing before the end of the year. But I’m contemplating stepping back from the game anyways. So we’ll see how this minor update plays out.


10 member here too. Missed the first two weeks due to not having the creatures needed to bring it down.

Though, to be completely fair, I could have gotten more today if I wasn’t screwing up the fights I got invited to today.

We still got him, though. After three tries (again, that’s on me) though lol

A lot of people are in the 10/10/10/10/10 club. It’s crazy and it’s BS. Y’all take it way better than I would.

I’d say the only thing that sucks about it is the update lowering the maximum Mortem dna you can get from the raids.

The 10s I don’t really mind since Mortem is supposed to be difficult to get anyway, and it’s not like you really lose anything trying to acquire it since it doesn’t cost anything to enter the raids.

But, again, now that the maximum is being lowered to 30, that means it’s going to take a long time for any of the rest of us to catch up with the players who did get lucky with the RNG in the interim since Mortem was first added.

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Mortem raids are really fun. Especially when they were first introduced. And they’re still fun. Mixing your big dinos with others and taking it down with team play/studying methods that work is really fun.

However, after receiving 10 after 10 after 10 that reward starts to hit your gut. Especially if others around you are pulling 150’s and stuff…Sure does add a big negative to such a positive part of the game. Lol don’t know… This update means those who just got 10’s don’t really get to be that lucky one. Ehh created a bit of a mess I’d say.


Not my case cause had a lucky 50… but since then… 10, 10, 10, 10

This morning I woke up feeling it was gonna be a great day…

Beating mortem. 0 raid colleagues defeated… 10 DNA

Same, 5 10s in a row, while I helped a few lower leveled members get their 50 and 150.
And the upcoming 30 maximum means I’m a few months away from unlocking it. I may get bored before that and quit playing already.


Am I allowed here? Hehehehehe

I managed to score a 19 straight raid streak with the bare minimum rewards. I definitely want out :sob:

Are you spreading your DNA all over the place? If not, the door is here XD

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Oh I’m not actually but if you defeat me, yes


already did it… 10 again.

Oof that hurt

Yupp 5 10s in a row, ty ludia :+1:image


Well glad i made the decision to stop spending money on this game, cause honestly… i don’t even have words for this😂


I’m still hoping that they will have a better solution.

We’ll be the designated punching bags for the next 12-15 weeks at least. Those of us that don’t rage quit that is.

250 / 15 , ill need another 17 raids for it :wink: