The Mortem 10 club

yeah I’m as naive to think we will get a thirty or two in the meantime :rofl:

Maybe we get compensation DNA after update? Some how figure out how much everyone has so we can all perfectly get it to level 27? Then again I’ve never really seen them give dedicated things to different players, so I’m not sure how they can 100% fix this, maybe they were just sick of seeing the same people at the top of the leader boards. So they left it to chance who could be the next best player. I mean I did hear a bunch of people complaining “the rich get richer, whilst the poor stay poorer” and this was the update that Ludia did pretty good with listening to the community. So I think that could be a reason everyone got such random DNA to start. You know what is even funnier? They introduced this minor update with a max of only 30 DNA when the first person unlocked Mortem Rex, almost as if they only wanted them to unlock it and everyone else to be left behind… Otherwise I think they could of had a fairer distribution to start with.

Well there you go!
I was going to wait, but worst case scenario is a lose 5 DNA.
Think I’ll roll the dice.
It is a gambling game after all. LOL


I did the same and got lucky on my first Mortem win.


Annnnnnnnnd… 50 club.
Oh well I gave it a shot. LOL


10 club?
I just never win

And here guys… another one unlocking the Mortem (not me, of course). I am happy bc of my alliance colleage, but Ludia, seriously…

I’m in it. My highest dino is only 23. But I guess I could be that high attacker. It has 1619 damage.

Finally took Morty down with 20 minutes to go until the update and … 50 … in total - I’m still in the club :sob: At least our weekly average is guaranteed to go up next week to 10.833333 …


Yupp its a good feeling seeing that, same amount of weeks put in (probably) 1/6th of the dna, don’t even know what to say🤷‍♀️

Nice, thanks for the help with my first mortem victory. Just got 10, but finnaly mortem is registerd as discoverd.
To bad our first try faild with all those connection issues.

If Unlocking Mortem Rex was a film… I would title it “28 weeks later”


This situation is totally a shame. I’ve got every week 10 Mortem Rex DNA ( 50 DNA in total). I’ve putted a lot of efforts every week from the beginning. It is totally unfair that for a bad planification by your side, some players have unlocked Mortem Rex, and others players still need 250 DNA for unlock It!!! We demand a fair solution for all the players!!!

Today I got my first win and I got 10


More important question, how much did your wife get? :rofl:


That… woman got 10.
Our marriage is going to survive.


Not sure ours will … @PrincipeZutano has 170 …


wait until the first one on receives 250 DNA…

Well that’s good to hear! It’s probably a good thing my hubby doesn’t play anymore. He quit when I started to get way further ahead of him in the arena lol. He probably would have had it unlocked by now if he was still playing. The only consolation I have is Dio is giving me fire fuses lately and I think I’ll actually get it to 30 this week.

Does he make cute comments like “That’s nice.” only half listening when you pull off well… what we would consider a great achievement?
First time I made top 50 I got excited and had to tell her and she was like
“Yay that’s great. Can you take out the chicken?”