The Mortem 10 club

He actually quit before sancs were introduced and the first time he saw me feeding a Diplodocus in the sanc, he said “oh so they have Tamagotchi now?” I also know I just aged myself with that reference :joy:


In the morning max 160, after the update max 30… Why the hell someone could even think that an update of a trial on the day of the trial was a good idea???
Instead of making the difference between player rewards lower, they increase the chance!
Can’t even describe my thoughts about “decision makers” working at Ludia…


Heaven forbid that I defend Ludia in anyway kind of way, but they planned the update for Tuesday, but it got delayed for unknown reasons.

I saw someone say that people who emote more in the game get less DNA from Mortem.

Not sure if its true but something to think about.

So many people complaining they get 10, spare a thought for the people that can’t even take this thing down :joy:


Now think about the people who help the people who can’t take it down.

And how frustrating it is for the people who do 20+ mortem raids each week to only have 50 dna at this point while people who do 1 a week have 3x that.


Im at 70. 10 10 50

This is not the thread for you. You can go now.


if I didn’t emote in most of the raids (just instructions) many more mortem raids would have been lost.

and yes, it is really frustrating helping everyone out there to receive 10 again.

It was a pleasure to help you @GPx anyway!!!


It shows the game needs some sort of chat in the lobby even. To be able to discuss ahead of time also.

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I absolutely LOVE helping other people defeat Mortem for the first time or help them through it so I can’t be mad at them when they score a 50, 60, or 100 on Mortem. But just seeing the amount of time I put in on Wednesdays and only having 50 to show for it hurts big time.


I either raid in front of my comp with discord or have my second phone running discord.
Emotes only would just cause so many fails.

FYI: 6 of us, in my allliance, did beat Mortem just before the update (attempting too win the Ludia lottery), but all 6 got only 10 DNA… Crossing fingers that once the update is over, the server reboot will have forgotten that we tried it, so we could try it again :slight_smile:

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I want to take my Mortem DNA & split it up among 3 or 4 people in my alliance, so we are all even.

Its very socialist of me. But here I am, going soft in my old age.

I know we all work extremely hard, so is it right or fair that I have 180 mortem DNA than them? Nope not even close.

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I also did it early in the morning (Spanish 8 AM)

That sounds like a real gamble.

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Didn’t have it near me and my alliance are in a different time zone making it hard to do it the first 2 weeks.

I got tens on these last two weeks but i should be grateful i even beat it lol

Everyone forgets this.

Its not about the DNA you receive from Mortem. Its about the friendships you make along the way.


I got same problem with my alliance. Theyre in europe while im over here in California lol