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The MOST Annoying Creature in JWA History

The Point of this topic is to name THE most annoying creatures in JWA past or present. Ready?

  • Procerathomimus
  • Indoraptor Gen 2
  • Trykosaurus
  • Ardentismaxima
  • Entelomoth
  • Thoradolasaur

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Maxi, but most people won’t vote for it because they got a shiny unique brachiosaur that kills everything for free and they don’t want to lose it.


how could you leave the rat off this list?? that thing is hands down the winner


You forget The RAT (dracorat), and the most important is all creature with crazy boost


No Stegodeus?
No Monomimus?
Those, during their prime, were more annoying than anything on this poll.


maximas powerful but can be distracted and bled unlike indorat2 and procerathimimus plus if you combine two high level chompers you can take out a maxima

but then again you can boost basically anything fully and it’ll be a huge threat

What does their instinct to preserve Maxima have to do with this poll? This isn’t a nerf thread, this is a “most annoying” thread. Perfectly balanced creatures can be annoying too (1.14 Monostegotops, for example).

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Maxima is currently overwhelming, but i don’t feel it’s annoying. Yoshi and indo gen2 have kits that can stall and be very annoying even If they aren’t as powerful as maxima.


Not exactly 1 dino, but more of a match up, in early days if a Stegod bumped into a tragod, tat could be a real annoying battle, with the shields and armour. Took ages to finish 1 such battle :joy:


DC with swap in shattering rampage + Thor and the first boost system. Hands down the most annoying period of this game, was really about to quit.


How dare you forget The Dracoceratops?

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Maxima all day long for me just tedious 2.0

In the history of the game?
By far the old school Dracoceratops.
If you gotta ask, you don’t know. LOL


Missing classic Dracoceratops.


Indo G2 always. I’ll never stop hating him.

The list lacks DSR Rat tho. He’s definitely the 2nd.

Prorat probably the 3rd. Not because the arena, rather because of how many tournaments he ruined.

Honorable mentions go to ancient raptors, Mammoth and his hybrids, dodgers before 1.7 and 1.8 changes, and the 10/15/20% stun abilities


Stegod was always countered even by Rex

Prorat at first, Draco DSR at second,OG Pre release Indoraptor at 3rd(the one with cloak and immunity alongside DSR)

By far the most annoying is 1.7 DC (boosts made it worse (in a balance sense)). Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Otherwise, it is yoshi. Sure, it may not be as strong as ardmax and such, but during its prime, it along with indom gen 2 were sweeping epic tournaments with little to no effort but what sets yoshi apart from indom gen 2 is the fact that it was so frickin common in advantage at level 30 with high boosts.

I feel so stupid.