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The most anticipated buff that never arrives

Well, I made this topic to talk a little about this little baby there, which in my opinion deserves a big buff. I made some changes in stats, resistances and especially their blows. What do you think? In my opinion it was ideal.

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I do currently think its not as good as can be, but it feels like an odd buff considering these moves are from different sets of dinos, like the toxic quills seems like an s.rex thing and also PS is like a mammoth thing


What would your buff be like for him?

I personally think all the legendary super Hybrid should be buff. But, I can understand as there ingredients is not even good at all

Yes, and here we see another flicker from Ludia (one more), a Spinosaurus is weak while a Velociraptor that isn’t even a meter tall is devastating. Sad.

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Tbh, I think toxic quills is unique to scorpius

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