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The most beautiful pictures of dino

omega comet rain 09

the mouth of the omega king
Vulcan’s gaze
the devastating fury of Vulcan 19
brazier of salamander

hope these pictures you will have more, have a nice day.

Prestosuchus’s pose XD



Yeah, I had seen these images, it slam!

Some pics i took…

your enemies are in pieces!but how do you manage to take his pictures …

If you’re an Android user then you can disable the screenshot toolbar that appears once you take the screenshot. That way the Game won’t disconnect your battle.

I am on an iPhone.

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For iPhone I think you can take a screenshot without disconnecting your battle but in Android once you do it, a toolbar appears by default disabling which would require you to go to settings and manually do it.

However I am not sure if it is only on more recent Android devices because my old Galaxy phone does not have the feature of disabling the toolbar.

Yes you have to click the round button and the shut-off button together. This is a problem sonce you might be on the decisive battle on the tournament and to take a photo of the victory pose u accidentally shut down the phone. :grimacing:

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how to deactivate the toolbar?

Go to your settings and search up Screenshot Toolbar. If you have the option, then disable it.

No matter how much I search, I can’t find the toolbar …


You probably then are on an older version or device. See if you have any software updates pending.

ok i’m a little sad … but thanks for the help @Jurassic_Fury

Did you see if you had any Software Updates pending?

no, no update,thanks anyway.

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