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The most dangerous creature in JWA

Apparently Pachy is the most dangerous creature in JWA. Why?

Well you can only FIP it when you reach level 20!

I am level 12 and there are just few more creatures I can get to interact with at lvl 13. I can even FIP Trex now.

But Pachy is so dangerous that only a lvl 20 player can interact with it.

Pachy Power!


DPG:Okay, you are skilled enough to interact with a T Rex that could eat you straight away.

Us:What about the droid attack on the Wookies? a Pachy, can we interact with it since we’re skilled enough to interact with several ferocious creatures that can bite my head off?

DPG:What? No! That’s too dangerous! You can only interact with it when you reach level 20!

Us:This is outrageous, this is unfair, how can you interact with a T Rex but not be able to interact with a drastically less dangerous Pachy?


Cus pachys love headbutting you until your guts bleed out. To tame t rexes, just give them a bone.


But you can use stygimoloch which is essentially just another pachy :joy:

i i was so excited when i reached 13

haha. that is funny

I get why Ludia did this because pachy is the last arena exclusive to unlock
But,we can dart pachy during event or via event incubator. Restricting it to only level 20 is kinda useless.
Why not Diplodocus or Mammoth or even titanoboa to make it even more exclusive.
Pachy is not even that strong in the tournament


It is. It’s not the best creature, but it’s certainly viable

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