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The most flawed argument for JWA

Boost shuffles are healthy for the game and allow players to mix it up when boosting their teams as well as not entirely harming players when some nerf happens to a creature you can take those boosts and allocate something new. This allows a nice cycle of relevancy where some creatures get a time in the spotlight before fading out. But saying something like “Oh, they should’ve seen this coming so they get punished for boosted creature A” is such a bad argument against a boost shuffle. Guess what, the people who did boost creature A will suffer, but should we punish them for months on end? NO. And then you have the argument about the apexes. “Well, we all saw them coming”. Well guess what? Practice vs paper are 2 different ballgames. Dio on paper is strong but struggles in practice. Alloraptor on paper is a beast, but sucks in practice. Another counterargument to that is that creatures who do well with the apexes kinda struggled before the apexes were legitimately obtainable during those 10+ weeks after a patch. A perfect example is testacornibus. While testa dis OK before the 2 resilient apexes were obtainable, now it’s pretty strong being immune to slow and stun while punishing swaps and tanking their massive outputs. No one really explored this creature and now people want it but cannot have it due to boost restrictions. Other reasons why a boost shuffle is a good idea:

  1. It can make an advantage tournament even more fun. I loved playing with my 151 speed purrusaurus. It can allow us to test out tournament builds in practice
  2. They allow unboosted folks to maybe give boosts a whirl. If they don’t like it, they can go back to being unboosted
  3. CRAP! I didn’t mean to click boost. I just wanted to see what the hp would be with 1 boost and decide whether or not if I want to boost. Guess I can’t get it back. Well with a shuffle now I can undo that mistake.

A boost shuffle should happen and they should be happen frequently. This will keep players interested and probably benefit Ludia as positive feedback and experience means more revenue.


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