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The most honest matchmaking and trophy count system

Entering the library month ago was very hard for me and I fast drop back to hight aviary and didn’t notice any strange things. But now when I tried to ascend to 5200 trophies up I see some more unfairness then was before.

My team arevage 20,83 ( 5 creatures 21 level and one 20) and I still facing random creatures from 23 up to 30 Epics, Legendaries Uniques … unboosted and boosted beyond common sense. That’s fine, that’s lost allmost all importance to me, I’m just tired to complain about that =D
Now it’s mostly about opponent skill, luck and some stupid mistakes we do when we think we are totally more powerfull then the opponent. Many times underestimating and luck help me win and I get my deserved high trophy reward from 26 to 36.

When I hit 5100 and try to get higher I begin to get 20-24 trophies for winning this

and losing 32-38 for loose

If this is honest, maybe I should drown to Marshes. Maybe there I’ll get 40 trophies per winning some 15-18 level team in real hard struggle. The only thing that’s keeps me trying to climb even higher is Arambourgiania DNA

Another funny thing that I cann’t see the opponent team after battle. Player profile now shows teams for friendly fights and not arena team, so when they are different I cann’t even learn what another 4-6 dinos he/she have in the arena team.

I meet Thor and Procerat from the creatures are shown on the image, I also met IndoG1 26 level that doesn’t presents here

Players can now show their friendly team rather than their matchmaking team since the update.

I don’t know how you choose which to show, but surely it should show the team relevant to the battle one last had?

I specifically checked it out.

That’s my profile and it Always shows my friendly team

And that’s is my actuall battle team

And I don’t do any friendly battle after the last update =)

So there you go, that’s why you see a team that differs from the one you played.

It seems pointless though, to see a team that bears no relevance to the one you just played, but I suppose Ludia got fed up of us taking pics of the disparity in matchmaking!

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I understand what team I would see in the player profile, that’s not the problem.
The problem is that I’ll see a friendlies team, not arena .

The other problem is that i get ~20 trophies per win and lost ~40 per loose, after a battle with opponent with higher trophies and higher (sometimes much higher) team arevage level. This is the most dissapointing, I need all my skill, luck and sometimes one or more opponent mistakes to win a very hard battle and i get 20 trophies like I just do 3:0 with team that are weaker then mine in two times. And if I loose to some boosted high level monsters I also lose double amount of trophies.

Another two days of superb honest fights.
I have seen fully heath boosted Draco 27 and fully speed boosted Thor 30 level (Hate this things) lost 38 and 40 trophies in that fights. Both opponents haves more trophies than I, the difference between trophy level were 150-200 trophies

Also it seems that I gain more trophies when I win a fight against the teams with similar level creatures or very close to mine 22 - 23 for example.

Does anybody else have the same observations ?

I’ve honestly given up trying to understand how trophies are allocated. Sometimes winning against much stronger teams with much higher trophy counts gives 26 trophies, but winning against similar strength teams with less trophies gives 36…

It seems fairly random at this point.

Better to deal with random then total mockery, when you get less trophies for handle stronger team, and gaining more trophies when you win against weaker team.
Thanks for your reply and observations