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The most important features for future updates

This is for the most needed features in JWA

Like being able to talk while selecting creature in raids


And also able to talk in raid


Talking in raid would give rise to many more glitches, bugs, lag, and an increase in size of the game. I think it woukd be a better idea to start a raid chat system and also increase the timer in pvp and raid, to give time to write stuff and make choices with better thinking.

Maybe they can add like special chat things in the raid lobbys like “we need a Healer”, “we need a Group Attacker”, “we need a Distracting creature”, “we need a Shielding creature”, and stuff like that


Nice idea

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Exactly what I was thinking
I sometimes have people start the raid with only two creatures or only resilient creatures

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We just use discord to set raids up. Everyone agrees on a strategy, their creature, and everyone knows their moves or uses a second device to view them. Works fine for us. Adding extra stuff for raids will be laggy and more open for bugs.

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seriously, raiding shouldn’t be this difficult. The lobby should allow chatting and while raiding the current “heal”, “attack boss” buttons are fine.