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The most powerful creature


I would like to ask which creature is the most powerful…
I think Indominus Rex but I do not know this for sure.


I don’t know about that, I face them regularly in the arena. They’re just annoying to face with cloak, other than that it’s not that good.


There is no real ‘most powerful’ dinosaur. Every dinosaur has a counter; while it might be ‘OP’ at first, the next moment it gets dominated by a counter.
Indominus rex gets slaughterd by any ‘remove positive effect’ dinosaur. I surprised multiple dominus rexes with my dilophosaur and koolasuchus, its hilarious lol.

Just try to mix and match. For now in current meta a raptor is very good due to its speed and high damage but once again; face a counter and its gone.

Try to get dinosaurs which have uniques, those will probably be the most versatile. Indominus had a unique, for example.


I use indominus rex like a closing pitcher. Don’t start with it, but after you have killed 2 of their dinosaurs, bring out IREX, cloak, armor piercing rampage. so you have 4x damage and it’s usually a GG unless they have something sneaky.