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The most recent exploit

I know I’ve made a few posts on this but can something be done about this? As a I said on a previous post by someone else, the day it happened, some of us weren’t even able to get that day’s boosts because it got taken down from the store. I didn’t get to drop 500 hard cash for the health boost for 25 tokens. Game froze, I restarted and then the boosts were gone. Some purchased both l, so there alone, those that didn’t acquire them were and are still at a disadvantage.

On top, during the first rollback, where we got 20/20/3 for each category on boosts, I got my daily incubator early in the morning before the roll back, got 4/4/4 boosts from the daily inc. and then when everything was reset, I lost those 12 boosts as I’m sure many others did as well. I wasn’t able to redo the daily incubator again.

That is the issue. I understand there are a million and one problems with players that’s being taken care of but please, don’t put this under the rug. Some or many of us are not enjoying playing in the arena because of this.

Thank you.

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Hey Sergiosaurus, thank you for reporting the issue to us. At this moment, I would like to ask you to once again refer to our post right here: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Boosts Issue Recap (05/22)
Our team are aware of the issue and working on releasing new information. Thanks once again.


Thank you Ren for the reply. I hope they do something that makes it balanced again because it is a mess right now. I appreciate it.