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The most satisfying thing

As someone who despises when an indominus double-dodges for a cloak rampage to steal the win, there’s nothing more satisfying to me than having an alanqa in the back to just flat-out deny it.



Fluffy the chirping hellbeast approves!


Sometimes I wish I was a Sorna marshes bracketeer so I could have experienced this feeling. Alas, Alanqa is not going to get enough levels to be a team contender so I didn’t bother making it

Well I imagine higher up its more powerful hybrid can do the job

Oops sorry, I meant the hybrid. My average dino level is 23 I think. There’s no chance I’m gonna have the Alanqa dna to bring it up to par. Not the coins. This game is frustrating at all levels of play. If you are higher ranked, you basically are stuck funneling all your money and dna into the 8 you chose. You’re other choice is dropping a lot of rank to switch things up.

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Well I’ve never been interested in topping any leaderboard. I only play arena to get incubators. My main goal is to unlock all the dinos and hybrids.

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This is why Invincibility bird (the leggo version) is a staple member of my team and will remain so!

Also great at wasting a raptor pounce!

My main point was that Ludia has created a game that forces players to paint into corners with their unreasonably high coin barriers. If every dino they intended to drop was in the field at this moment … coins would at least be allocatable towards the toons we want. As it is, bc of how powerful level is, coin and exclusive dna cost block many top leaders from really enjoying new content.(unless you’re ranked 1-3 and get millions of coins from the tournament) I’ve beaten so many Alanqa hybrids merely bc they are under leveled and have no chance to do any real damage.

An example of how powerful level is… stegodeus. Mines 28… but I would take it off my team in a heartbeat if I had 8 other Dino’s at its level. It is not actually as good as people think it is… but it’s easy to make, due to abundant resources. And when it out levels it’s opponents by 4+ levels, it reigns supreme. Give any number of Dino’s the missing levels and they take the stego master apart

It’s cool if this doesn’t interest you bc your goals are different from mine, this is just my gathered observations from new patches. In the end if you’re having fun, don’t change anything.

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I share the same thoughts.
The cost to level up dinos is too steep. So, most players won’t waste their much precious resources for other dinos which are not in the team.
As we move along the ranks and arena, we’ll be seeing much of the same dinos. Less variability.
For me, I will one sweet day (when I have gotten the job done - L30 for all dinos in my team) create other dinos which I haven’t created yet (mainly because these dinos requires the same DNAs that my team requires).
Until then, dino levels are very important if we want to stay competitive in the arenas.

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This has other effects too… like my 24 hour incubator this morning.

I got for my epic rolls:
Sinoceratops: 11
Pteranodon: 360

This wouldn’t be nearly as frustrating if I could actually use the pteranodon… but as it is the pitiful 11 for a useful epic hurts

True but if it was too easy to level up, then everybody will be having lvl 30 dinos and battles will be judged by the rng gods.

They still are… it’s rng on matching with someone +/- 400 trophies. It’s RNG for selecting your 4/8 Dino’s. If you play SIA creatures it’s RNG on the order and if you can effectively use impact and run reliably. I don’t even want to get into the dodge nightmare that I see. I’ve faced 4 different cloak/evaders in the same battle. Literally not enough viable nullifying Dino’s to deal with that and I only won by luck.

I’m not arguing to remove RNG from the game. I also wasn’t asking to lower level up requirements simply because it’s “too hard” or some such nonsense. I specifically am talking about how the requirements are so high… and the competition (at least for me) is so fierce that I will never really use new content Dino’s bc the 55k coins to level up two to 15, the fusion costs to make the 16 hybrid… the level ups from 16-22, and all those fusion costs (probably 250k+ all said & done), is better spent moving 2-3 of my top 8 up a level.

I have two Dino’s that if I collect every coin I can for a week… I will not be able to afford their evolution costs. What game out there stagnates a players growth like this?

A game wanting your money!!! Aka a Ludia game ^_^!

And yet I still play…gawd now im just depressed -_-

I appreciate the sarcasm, very mood lightening. I pay monthly for this game. The cost curve has gotten a bit excessive is my point. There’s wanting more money… and price gouging. Ludia is placing a “lethal wound” on my wallet before “swooping” away with their profits.

C’mon man, it’s 40$ for a epic incubator with 371 random epic DNA in it… that’s 2/3 the price of a AAA game… for like .1% of the dna needed to max out any creature in the game. Something seems off about that