The most spooky dino?!

What dino do you think fits for Haloween the most?? I think spinutharaptor looks spooky, but i also consider Tryostronix to look pretty spooky too… what do you think!:grinning::jack_o_lantern::t_rex:


I’ve always thought Tryostronix had something of a zombie look to it, at least going by the images I’ve seen. I don’t actually have one so I don’t know if it just appears pallid and gaunt in the pictures.


They’re not in the game, but 2 real dinos fit the bill:

Daemonosaurus - found in New Mexico’s Ghost Ranch Quarry (which is reportedly full of evil spirits)


Zuul, an ankylosaur found recently in Montana, and named after the Ghostbusters baddie.

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Dalek qualifies as the most spooky dino.


Oooo i did not think of those!!

Well, technically speaking… I’m not a dino. But i have been told that I scare the crap out of people when I walk up behind them without making a sound. I don’t clomp around when I walk anyway, so it cuts down on the noise factor. It’s usually an accidental jump-scare for others, though. I don’t actually go out of my way to scare people with my ninja-like abilities. LOL


Dr. Ray Stantz of the Original Ghostbusters, and the skull of Zuul Crurivistator, or “Zuul, Destroyer of Shins”.

There is no RNG, only ZUUUUUL!


tanycolagreus… looks like a chupacabra. and ofc indoraptor. id hate to see allisinosaurus in a dark alley.

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Daemonosaurus - Triassic evolutionary dead-end and Dracula’s pet dinosaur.


"Aww, it’s cute! How can it be the least bit dangerous? Here, boy… Come here, that’s right… Who’s the cute widdle cuddly-wuddly fwuffy widdle featherball? You are! I… hey, wait a minute… "

(Dino moves closer, bares its fangs. The flesh suddenly melts off its skull, and an evil hiss comes forth…)



So SpOOOoooopy!!!



“Mmm-MMM! Bold and SPICY! :meat_on_bone:

Torvosaurus. If you’re close enough to see it, it’s already too late. Best to just accept your inevitable fate at this point, and douse yourself liberally with BBQ sauce. As the second pic shows, not only were Torvos messy eaters, but they also LOVED BBQ sauce… at least I think that’s BBQ sauce covering its mouth…

Dear god, please tell me that’s just BBQ sauce… :fearful::fearful::fearful:

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Ah, Megaraptor. The stuff of sudden brown trouser time and wide-awake nightmares. Also known as “It’s standing RIGHT BEHIND ME, isn’t it…” :scream::scream:

Also also known as “I want my mummy now”, “oh, fffuuuuuuu…”, and “Jason Voorhees”.

The RL Indoraptor. 'Nuff said.


Not actually a raptor, it was in the Neovenatorid family, an offshoot from Allosauridae.

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Aww I think tany looks like a stray dog :sweat_smile:


ill compromise with you… a stray dog that met a chupacabra :grin:

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Stray dog crossed with chupacabra, suffers from mange and patchy feather syndrome. Yep, that’s Tany, all right…

Masiakasaurus Knopfleri. Named after Mark Knopfler of the rock band “Dire Straits” (go watch “Money for Nothing” on youtube). How bad could this one be?


Nope. Just nope.



Maybe they’ll add to New Dino

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Ick. I don’t think they should. With what I know about it, this dino was pretty much the Madagascar version of Jack the Ripper. I submitted 4 others in this post. Look for the one that shows Dan Ackroyd in it. That’s a good place to start.

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:joy::rofl::rofl::rofl: sounds great

The reason he’s in the photo is because the scientists who recently found a new species of Ankylosaur in montana gave it the name Zuul in honor of the Ghostbusters.