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The Most Underrated Creatures

Some creatures are great. Some are OP. But some of us overlook great creatures. Gamepress ranking them lower and/or being put to the side by the community. I’m gonna say who I personally think are the 5 most underrated creatures.

  1. Sarcorixis

Sarcorixis was always great, even before it got a massive buff in 1.9, i hated fighting it, it now got a massive buff, and some people regonise it. Now we have no escape, I decided to give it a try in my team. It’s actually serving me very well.

  1. Diloracherius

I never thought I’d put this creature here… But here we are. Due to the immune meta, Diloracherius has been tossed aside a lot, and is now talked as if it’s garbage. It’s a shame. Diloracherius is still a great high apex Dino. I do agree it needs a buff, but you guys are overreacting here. Honourable mention to Erlikospyx.

  1. Indoraptor Gen1

Guys. Indoraptor Gen2 IS better, yes. But indoraptor Gen1 isn’t bad. At all. It’s still a fantastic dinosaur. It does better then tanks then Gen2, due to its higher damage and Piercing Strike. Trust me, Gen1 is still amazing. Don’t toss it aside for Gen2. Or maybe run both like I do! They make a nice tag team.

  1. Stygidaryx

Thanks gamepress, for the article recently about stygidaryx, I appreciate it. Stygidaryx has now gotten no escape, making it better. Trust me, it can be really good. Swap In Invincibility against a huge attack! Thanks to swap In Invincibility doing a lockdown on daryx, I can stack swoops. Swap In, SS, Lethal Swoop, Cleansing Swoop. Or just cleanse and swoop off the bat! Read the entire article for more stuff, but the thing is. USE THIS THING.

  1. Monomimus

NOW BEFORE YOU IGNORE THIS, HEAR ME OUT! Yes I am aware monomimus is weaker then procerathomimus. However, monomimus is still a great Dino that has been overlooked for too long. It’s frail, but thanks to its double Distraction moves and evasion, it can really stay in there. Reducing damage to zero, nullifying positive effects, dodging big hits, swap in dodge too. Monomimus is also very fast and deals a decent amount of damage. Monomimus is on my team, boosted too. Yes I do agree this thing needs a buff, definetly. But monomimus right now, is extremely overlooked, even tho she is great and here’s a bold take, I think she belongs in mid apex, a good buff would give mono more attention, or maybe a nerf on proceratho!

So what do you guys think are the most overlooked creatures? I’d love to hear so we can give these creatures more love.


Rixis will no longer be overlooked once the tourney ends xd


I hear any one say Rixis is bad I’m surprised it’s here of one of the most underrated for you

Para is underrated, for me is better than Tuor but in the Gamepress tier list on 1.11 it was a low apex and Tuor was in high apex, is very underrated


I see a lot of Sarcorixis all around the arena, so I wouldn’t really call it underrated.

Diloracheirus can be useful as a revenge-killer, but it does lack a proper turn 1 move, otherwise it wouldn’t be as underrated.

Same with Sarcorixis, Indoraptor isn’t underrated at all. I get that you’re mostly looking at the tier list, but in every second battle is a fairly high boosted Indoraptor. I’d even call it overrated, because there are way better creatures to spend boosts on.

You can swap Stygidaryx in to avoid an Erlidominus rampage, but what’s next? Stygidaryx isn’t going to deal any damage at all, and she’s just going to die to Erlidominus in the next 2 turns.

Monomimus isn’t underrated, it’s honestly just garbage. Procerathomimus isn’t really an excuse, nor the reason why Monomimus is worthless. If the design makes up for you to use her, good for you. Sorry, but telling anyone about these rare occasions where she’s okay against a certain creature definitely won’t make them replace gold for a bunch of banana peels. I just don’t think there’s a lot of use you can get out of her.

Edmontoguanodon feels underrated. The good amount of damage with a nullifying impact and a stunning rampage can be really powerful and fun. The low speed is actually useful, because then the opponent will be stunned for the next turn, giving Edmontoguanodon the chance to savely regenerate a lot of health and automatically switch out to later come back with a swap-in stun, just to do the same thing over and over again.


I wouldn’t call him underrated really, but a speed boosted Diplovenator is extremely fun to mess around with.


Lemme tell you that this list has NOTHING to do with design, and design isn’t the reason at all why I use monomimus, I use it because I actually think it’s a strong low apex Dino. Garbage is a pretty harsh word for it. In fact take back what I said about taking a cloaked rampage from erlidom with daryx, daryx won’t deal damage to it after. Use monomimuses swap in dodge, cus monomimus actually deals Damage. Let’s not argue, just a simple debate.

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Diplovenator is actually quite underrated to. And pyrritator…

Monomimus, diplovenator And pyrritator… 3 extreme distracters are underrated… screw you ardentismaxima!

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Monomimus might deal a little more damage to Erlidominus than Stygidaryx, but it’s only 130 more damage, which isn’t that much if you actually think about it. Even if it’d go for evasive stance afterwards, the 34% damage it took from the cloaked rampage from when it was swapped in is devastating enough for Monomimus to die in the next 1 to 2 turns.

If she works for you, keep using her. No one’s gonna stop you.

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Stygidaryx only has one attack, and that’s superiority Strike. It’s a great pterosaur, but it sucks against immunes. Monomimus actually has nullification to remove cloak, and also has a rampage move. My monomimus hasn’t faced an erlidom recently, so I’m not 100% sure, but trust Me, erlidom and monomimus make an awesome tag team. Strike and run into swap in dodge. Maybe cloak the strike and run. Ohhh yes.

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Monomimus does not need double distract, dodging, and immunity. Either a distracting move has to go or immunity does

Sarcorixis - Yes
Diloracherius - Bench tier in immune meta, use it if you like the dino
Indoraptor 1-Yes , almost everyone is still using it
Stygidarx - Good in lower arenas, a liability in higher arenas
Monomimus - Base speed alone for a legendary is inferior to a mere epic procerat makes this Bench/garbage tier

You know what’s even better? Erlidominus strike and run into Smilonemys, who rampage and run into Monostegotops… it only happens occasionally, but it feels so good.

Immunity has to stay.

I was thinking about leveling up my Tragod and putting it on. I just wonder how good it would do in Aviary though, so many Shattering creatures there.

Then distracting strike must go

The only change monomimus needs is an overall buff of his stats and nothing more nothing less.

Not well. Trust me.

A 7 tier level 25 Tragod is only saving your bacon? I face that kind of creature everyday, every match in mid Library. It’s saving your bacon because it’s overleveled.