The movie


We just watched the movie! Loved loved it!!


Agreed, it was great!


idk, it wouldve been great if you hadn’t seen the first 3 jurassic parks. I mean, a lot of scenes were simply copies of the ones that were already made. For example, food lift- cafetaria with raptors running at the kid in the metal cabinet, indoraptor on triceratops skull- cafetaria with raptors running on the counters above them, … The graphics and all were great but I feel they are really running out of storylines. I love the whole jurassic park and world thing, but to keep it great, I hope they don’t make another one. They are just stretching and stretching to make the most money as possible out of it while they are ruining the story in the process.


Pretty sure there’s a third jurassic world in the pipeline.


We have grown up with them all, rewatch everytime we see it, re watched Jurassic world before today. So only thing missing was blood and gore from old movies. Reason? The new world babies who get feelings hurt, need trophies, sheltered , not raised to be strong adults. But we still think it was great. Yup, we are 48.


Glad to hear you liked it–saw it Thursday and really enjoyed it, too. For what it’s worth, I don’t know that it’s reasonable to suggest that the lack of gore is completely caused by an unwillingness to make young people uncomfortable and “shelter them.” I think it had more to do with the director’s choice to emphasize horror through sound effects, silhouettes, and dramatic irony–when the audience knows that there’s a T-rex in the bushes, but the character doesn’t until it’s too late. I have to admit it was a little touch-and-go for me at the start of the film, but overall, I’m pleased with the direction that it’s taken. For now. :slight_smile:

While there was a significant decrease in “blood loss” in the film, so to speak, I think the plot, direction, and spectacular animatronic dinosaurs made up for it in earnest.


Loved it too! Probably not my favorite of all of them; I felt like it focused more on the action and storyline and not too much on the dinosaurs. But I still liked it.

Also, it’s the first one that made me cry lol I mean, that dock scene??? Waaaaaaah


I saw it on Saturday. I liked it, but definitely feel like it was just a filler for a sequel. They’re among us now…lol :wink:


I have to say I loved it. For me I have enjoyed all of them so far but I’m excited for the direction it is going for the next one.


I’m with you… I was pretty disappointed by how much was pretty much just reused scenes from the first two films… my Girlfriends niece loved it, BUT as you said she hasn’t seen the first three, only World… I also felt the island section was way too short, I mean why put forward the question “should they be kept alive” to take them off the island to then put the in a situation that comes back to the exact same question… the kid girl was kinda wasted too… I’d have been more shocked if the picture turned out to be Ellie or Lex