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The Mythic Murmurquill bug

I’ve been able to clear all the quests at this point but I always noticed that when I have to fight the purple one as the last stage, I will sometimes get easily wiped just because of the Mythic Murmurquill especially if there is more than 1. I read the skill description which says that “this dragon recovers 70% health of 162% damage to target foe”. Through my understanding, this means it should only hit one target. However, it will hit all my dragons and basically heal back up to full as well as increase its teams damage and apply the heal block debuff. If there are multiple of them, basically they instantly all keep healing and will nuke all your dragons. Unless you can kill it before it can get its special off, you’re dead. Is this a bug or is this intended? If it is intended, then the mythic murmurquill is basically the most broken dragon in the game.


The heal block works by only preventing other dragons from healing it, the dragon can still heal itself.

I don’t think you understood what I meant. What I meant was that the description makes it sound like it should only damage one target. Take the shifty murklurker for example. His skill also says to recover 55% health of 215% damage to target foe. Yet it only hits one target. Thats kind of what Im addressing here


Oh, so you can confirm that they haven’t fixed it? Oh gee… That’s two gamebreaking bugs that still exist probably since beta. But, oh, it’s very important to have highlighted keywords for abilities, yay!

I mean, sure, there’s the Gritty Sawmaw that charges up even faster and deals even more damage to your entire team(180%), but it heals only for 35% per dragon, while Murmurquill heals for a single target value of 70%. And that means that Sawmaw might not even top itself off, but Murmurquill is basically invulnerable.
Plus… I could take about 3 Sawmaws while the quest difficulty was nerfed, because Sawmaw is just heavy damage with minor debuff. A single Murmurquill, however, blocks the healing for your entire team. Okay, theoretically you can burst one down if you have a paid team, but 2-3 Murmurquills? That’s game over.

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I can confirm that the murmurquill is the most unbalanced dragon ever. Here it is randomly hitting all 5 of my dragons and killing them all in one shot.


You’re gonna wanna breed your butt off to get some rare+ hybrids on your team. Even a well powered purebred team just does not have the attack power or defence of a hybrid, much less a Legendary Hushboggle…

And, who’s to say the attack is what’s glitching? It’s possible the special power description simply says “foe” when it means “foes”. Sawmaw hits the entire team with nearly 200% to the entire team, and Bog-Blight’s just a rare with a special that hits the everyone before blocking healing. It’s not outrageous that Quilly could do that much damage to a purebred team.

Not to say OP is a wallet warrior, but I do think it’s just great that no amount of runes or money will be able to buy the most powerful dragons. Only hours and hours of breeding time and fish gathering will give you the slightest chance.

The life steal is bugged because of the second effect that debuffs all enemies, it somehow is messing with the life steal targeting. 210% damage is way too much for an AoE attack so i doubt that the devs intentionally made it that way.
Just take a look at Murklurker, it has similar effects yet his damage applies correctly to a single target.

Furthermore, Murmurquill’s spirit speed is Fast compared to Murklurker’s Slow, which makes it overpowered the way it is, either they fix it or drastically lower the damage of Murmurquill’s life steal if they want to keep it as AoE.

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Well, I feel lucky not being advanced enough to have to deal with the Murmurquill issue. One thing though; if this particular dragon is causing such a catastrophy to each individual player’s battle team, shouldn’t it mean players should try to get this particular dragon to fight its kind? As in same can defeat same.