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The "necro-posting" warning is unfair

So i noticed on some threads people getting warned for necro-posting, which is essentially posting on a dead thread. Why? People are literally just sending messages and getting punished for it for apparently no reason? Like these members did nothing wrong so why a warning? So what if someone posts on a semi-dead thread, it can still spark up a new cool conversation imo. So what i request on behalf of all my forum bros and bro-ettes that got unfairly warned is to remove the necro-posting warning, it’s unfair and unnecessary


I agree. This would also cause mods to not have to merge the threads as often, as usually these threads brought back up are similar or same as the others.

I don’t want to see old threads that are months old, and many others don’t. Just start a new topic.


there are some threads from only a couple months ago being brought back and closed because of Necro-posting. That i don’t agree with because some of them can be quite relevant still and bring discussion. Other exceptions should be favorite creature threads. idk how many times i’ve seen one of those come back because someone newish to the forums posts an innocent comment and bam… it’s closed.

But stuff from clearly 6+ months ago, sometimes over a year old doesn’t really need to be brought up again. If it’s a question from a year ago, odds are it’s been answered somewhere or isn’t relevant anymore.


Problem being is that you already do see threads that are months old and when you try to speak on them you get warned

You don’t get formally warned, the mods just close it and if its a repeat of another topic that’s currently being posted on they’ll merge the two together.

No like, if you post on a old thread from months ago your post will get flagged and you get an official warning.

I think it’s unfair. If a post is old enough to give someone a warning they should just have posts auto close for commenting at a certain age to prevent this.

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A while back I had a similar thing with the Rat Meme’s thread after I simply posted a new meme, but I won the debate using logic :stuck_out_tongue:


Although I suppose most forums have something like this I didnt even know we did have a rule about it until last summer when someone grumbled (not in a nasty way) about my updating the Dinosaur of the Day threads when we get updates

I suppose my train of thought is that so long as the topic of the thread is still relevant after however long has passed then it should be fine.

However we have had a lot of unnecessary necro posts lately for some reason when a new topic was probably a better idea.

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Its almost like we should have some threads that dont fall off… sure some threads need to die… and that should be determined by mods… but ive prolly seen half a dozen new player guides on my time on here… and those are the threads that should be updated and not created new threads of.

A new player coming to the forums for guidance doesnt need half a dozen threads that if updated will be locked… if they happen to ask a question in them their locked so no chance of a response.

Apparently Ludia looks at sticky threads the same way they do alliance chat and most bug fixes.


A new players guide thread is probably one that should be pinned to the top of the board.

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Or remove te Posts entirely if older than…

Some forum software auto-locks threads that are older than a certain date, making necro-posting impossible and therefore rules against it irrelevant.

I see the need for necro-related rules in general, but three months is far too short of a period, imo. Often the threads are still relevant and it makes more sense to add to a suggestion thread from, say, January than to make another copy of it. Making a new one results in more clutter, not less.

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Like the constant glitches and bugs that have plagued the game for over a year. No they still haven’t been answered or addressed :rofl:

Mods are going to mod and they are going to interpret the community guidelines differently than you.
Take the green 1’s with a grain of salt.
There isn’t overly much you can do and it’s not worth the effort anyway.
Just click on it and the green 1 goes away any you can go about your business.

For the record, I am bookmarking this post and totally coming back 6 months after the last post to comment on it.


What do you want, a gold star for bumping up an old thread and annoying people?

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I’m curious as to what counts as a necro-post or not. I’ve seen some threads brought back after months of inactivity, but the mods have left them and allowed them to continue. Others, they immediately lock.

Maybe it depends on the content of the new comment? If it helps further the topic it might slip by. If it doesn’t, it gets locked. I don’t know.