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The "necro-posting" warning is unfair

If seeing a new post on a still-relevant thread from 3-4 months ago annoys people, those people are going to have a pretty rough time on the Internet in general.


That ^^ just made me snort laugh @Castal. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :purple_heart:


If the mods feel the need to warn people about “necro posting” and close the threads, then maybe the mods should talk to the webmaster and have them REMOVE the “suggested topics” category at the bottom of every thread.

You want to know where people find the dead threads to resurrect them, at the bottom of every thread!


Just scroll to the bottom!

This is where I’ve accidentally found threads and posted in the wrong game forum, or brought back up a “dead” thread.


I almost did this myself recently as well.I noticed just before I hit the reply button.

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Necro-posting is always a warning unless you repeatedly break rules or necro-post. WE do this to try and keep the forums clean and relevant. There are a few specific threads the mods will never warn or ban for necro-posting but if you’re not contributing to the original topic in a very meaningful way we close and warn.

That being said if there are any threads you guys think should be added to the no-action list, by all means, send them my way.


What about meme threads? from time to time they tend to go dead but then we have a surge of new meme’s a few months later as the game/meta changes, and new meme’s are bor :slight_smile:

I think they should be excluded from the warning list. I mean I know they don’t help in terms of the game, but all great community have meme’s :slight_smile:


Yes it’s unfair

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