The Needed Mortem Rex Buff

The changes are listed.

On escape move to deal with running tanks.
Roar with no prio so cunnings can face mortem better.
Buffed in resist and attack.


Roar losing priority would be the only change I do support out of all your proposed changes.

The recent buff to Mrex clearly was a bit too much. So if at all, we should talk about a minor nerf, not a buff.


I would remove the buff to attack but that’s all. Mortem needs some sort of on escape to stop things from always swapping stupid SRex into mortem without punishment. I would maybe lower speed down to 105 cause of speed boost from on escape.


This could also be achieved by just removing the swap in ability of SR3. Even without the swap in it would still be a valid early game unique.
Mortem clearly does not need a buff at all.



Mortem does need a buff. Any sort of on escape would be good for it.

I struggle to see why a creature which is in 65% of the top 50 teams is in need of a buff.

Main USP of S-rex is it’s swap-in move, Critical ambush.
Without that, it will be like the Alert rending lockdown nerf of Phorurex.

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What about toxic quills? The easiest to get unique should not have two USPs and should definitely not be meta defining. Even without the swap in there would still be worse uniques which are way harder to grind.
I just want to say that it is easier to fix SR3 than fix all fierce creatures.


It would serve more of as a deterrent to swapping out, or at the very least make swapping out on a Mortem a much riskier move, which I’m personally not opposed to simply because I’m tired of the constant swapping.

All they had to do is to fix the discrepancy between ROAR description and actual in-game move.

But instead of just doing this, they made ROAR a priority move, gave it a huge HP buff and even have improved its resistances without noting it in the release notes.

The mistake in Roar’s description was hardly the worst of Mortem’s problems. Making Roar a priority, and the buff its resistances and HP were all desperately needed, and unlike some creatures it didn’t actually push it into OP territory.

It still loses SG3, it can still lose to Phorurex and the snakes, and just about every single one of it counters can still easily handle it. They just need to be a little bit smarter about it now.

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Guess then we simply do have other definitions of “OP territory”. Because for me it clearly is there.

For me everything that is a must-have to be competitive and is in more than 50% of the end-game teams is OP and requires some rebalancing.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not want Mrex to be irrelevant as it was before. Just not exactly as good (or OP, depending on definition / perspective) as it is now.

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That doesn’t make any logical sense though. If more of than 50% of endgame teams decided the rebalanced creature no longer fits their playstyle, then by that logic, every time they added a new creature to their team, regardless of what it is, that creature would need to be rebalanced, even if it was something as weak as a Velociraptor.

Look at the respective abilities and resistances instead.

For example:

  1. Skoonasaurus has a 1x decelerating counter-attack, 67% Swap Prevention Resistance, 30% Armor, 20% Crit chance, on top of a Rampage, shields, and a Distracting Impact. Rending and DoT should effectively be its real weaknesses, but unless the player is in a really bad position there really are not a lot of creatures, even Fierce creatures, that can effectively take it on and win in a straight fight. Mortem, ironically, is now one of the few who can insofar as Skoona does not Crit at all.

  2. Parasauthops has a swap in Fierce Strike, double healing abilities, Cunning Strike, and a Revenge Resilient Rampage. All four of the latter abilities make it an excellent Raid creature, but the problem is, is that they also make it effectively impossible for anything to bring it down, simply because it can stall for as long as it wants to. It doesn’t even matter that it has some subpar Resistances, because its almost never going to be in a bad enough position where they actually matter.

  3. Ankylos Lux, like Skoona, has high Swap Prevention resistance, a 1x counterattack (that ignores armor and dodge!), and basically 3 Invincibility abilities. If you’ve got nothing with a Fierce ability, like DoT, Rending, or any variation of Fierce Strike/Impact/Rampage (or said creature is already taken down), you’ve pretty much already lost and the rest of the fight is just struggling against the inevitable defeat.

Now how is Mortem even remotely as problematic as the above 3? (and I really could go into the others if I had the time to as of this posting)


What I like about this iteration of mortem rex is that it makes battles shorter. It’s annoying when you have nothing left to counter it when it is set up but at least the battle doesn’t drag on.

One word : :clap:t2: everything is said,
plus Ankylos mix 100% resistant to distraction it’s a joke.
When you get out mortem 90% of the time you get switched (scorpios or refre) and killed, then ankylos lux make the rest by invincibility all the time. You can loose with 100% healthy skoona against a 20% healthy ankylos this is non sense.
So mortem doesn’t need a nerf guys you are targeting the wrong Dino’s.

Of course, there are other creatures where a nerf is way more required.

Also fully agree with the points raised by @Persianking44 . All of them are very valid.

IndoT, SR3, Paratops, Refre, Anky Lux, Arctovasilas and Skoona also are too strong.
But this does not make the “new” Mortem a balanced creature.

Necro-posting (reviving old threads).