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The Neutral Class

Meet The Neutral Class

The Neutral Class mainly focus on priority, cleansing, and auto swap

The class icon is a black square with a white circle inside and a white dot inside the circle

The class has no direct weakness nor advantage against other classes

Here are the 8 creature of the class

What do you think, also I didn’t what resistances they should have, so also tell what resists they should have

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its alright but i feel its a tad boring stall class with no true skill set and only just empowers swappers.

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I plan to update them later to give them stun and nullify

Making them less basic

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hey how about stun because phorusara,thor,and dracorex all have stun but are not in the same class

I’d argue Priority damaging moves are Resilient, since they hurt Cunnings the most by bypassing speed order. Also more Resilients have them.
Nullification is neutral too btw

Nope really since super distraction and instant on a cunnings and allosino and Thor are part resilient cause of IC

Updated 1
Now have stun and nullify abilities
Now have resistances

Neutral Moves Update
instant cleansing impact: now have a 2 turn cooldown instead of 1

Cleanse, strike, and run: no longer priority

Here are the creatures

What do you think, do they need another update?

That’s the same Cunning that has DoT, which is obviously Fierce, and Stun, which is usually considered Resilient. Super Distraction is a mess of a move.

So you’re agreeing with me there? It’s obvious Thor and Allosino do better against Cunnings because of IC, so the move is clearly Resilient-inclined.

Why are they all instant attacks and they are wildcards not neutral or is that the same thing?

Priority attacks aren’t a category when it comes to classes and priority is neutral

Neutral class mainly focus on neutral abilities, such as auto swap and priority

They also don’t a direct weakness nor advantage with others class

I meant aren’t not are

I just disputed that claim

Priority is neutral and that final, you can keep your opinion, but Im not changing creatures, and everyone think there balance and perfectly fine after the update , maybe I’ll tweak them again but I’m not removing priority from the class

I’m not telling you to change anything or arguing that anything is unbalanced. I’m just saying that Priority damage leans heavily toward Resilients.

I’ve made an Instant Strike before. I put it on a turtle.

Oh well sry then, I’m planning to update the neutral class again today, so maybe will can find a compromise

The Neutral Class 1.2 update includes 1 rare hybrid, 1 epic hybrid, 3 legendary hybrids, and 3 unique, also new abilities and moveset and stats changes