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The New and suprising Apex

The Newest Apex Creature to enter the game as an earnable boss is…Compsognathus!

Size: Basically Invisible.
Health 10000
Attack : No Need( see moves
Speed 150
Armor: 25%
Critical chance 0%(No need, see moves below
Ultimate Negativity. Priority. Target opponent with most positive effects: Nullify positive effects, including boosts. Inflict Damage over time 50% for two turns, Reduce speed 100% for two turns, Distract Opponent 100% for two turns, Stun opponent 100%, remove dodge, cloak, shields and taunt.

Ultimate Positivity: Priority. Self: Cleanse. Increase Damage and Speed by 100% for two turns, shields 100% for two turns, 100% chance to dodge 100% of damage for two turns. Cleanse Stun.

Resistances: none.

300 DNA needed to unlock.

Possible Tribrid: Hadrexcompthagos: Fuse with Hadros Lux and Mortem Rex. 50 DNA per fuse. OMEGA rarity. 350 DNA needed to unlock.
Attack: 2000
Health: 8000
Speed: 130
Armor: 10%
Critical Chance: 25%

Ultimate Positivity
Ultimate Negativity
Greater Emergency Heal
Medium Resilient Counter Attack
100% to stun, vulnerable, critical chance reduction, and swap prevention. 75% to Distraction, speed decrease, taunt ignoration.

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that thing is nearly unstoppable

thylacotator: are you sure about that

oh wait just use something with distraction resistance, stun resistance, DoT resistance and defense shattering

See, its not impossible. It doesn’t even deal damage.

how to beat it: one heavily boosted tentoto, two creatures with RTC and something with a taunt.

With Tuor, 2 Gemini and 1 Tryo it’s probably possible but the problem is first not many people have these dinos high level and with many boosts

Also if the Hadros boss use his shield move in 1st round minions would survived and I can’t confirm you’ll win

Atm the only strat that I found it would work is using Tuor, Thor, Gemini and Tryo it’d still works if the boss is going to use the shield move but Thor has to be faster than Gemini

Nvm I thought it was about the Hadros boss but it was just a suggestion lol

I know right