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The new annoying

What do your find annoying in 2. 0

For me
Smilodon can do prone non stop until this happened

100% crit

Resilient moves go brrr


Multi-turn invincibility. Apparently it can last up to 4 turns on Dioraja, not sure if this is true. But the usuals like Maxima and Tryko can go 2 turn invincible and absorb even 3 attacks compared to what the move text says.

Ardent is annoying to me. If I don’t get my Spinonyx I’m screwed.

4 step attacks make battles ridiculously long.
1st creature: reduce speed, remove cloak, remove shields, cleanse distraction, BITE
2nd creature: reduce speed, increase speed, remove distraction, BITE.

Boosts. I would have so much fun with this update if they didn’t exist…


I’m with you