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The new anti Arena dropper programming

Bug Description:

Matchmaking completely glitched out, reset after 2 seconds of countdown, timed out, reset again, and then disconnected me from the game.

Area is was found in:

4600 Trophy Pvp arena.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1-

Alter my team to this, so that I would intentionally drop arenas, because the battles I was facing were ridiculously unfair.

Step 2 -

Click Battle.

How often does it happen:

Every try.

What type of device are you using:

Samsung S7

Anything else?

Tried to reset the game and then it got stuck on the screen for 1 minute.

So is this intentional to stop people dropping arenas? I feel like it is because there’s no other explanation other than your servers had a stroke

I mean i could totally believe their servers had a stroke.

I get this at times with my normal team in avairy not so much in library. Thinking match making tries to find you a relevant opponent… and stroke happens.

Try putting a cpl lvl 20s in and see what that does for you.


Haha yeah I went back to highest level team and matches came back :joy: I had to drop the old fashioned way. swap in and out without attacking


This happens to me as well. I assumed it was trying to find someone with a similar level and then failed. Increasing the average dinosaur level helps but dropping in my experience is much harder than before.

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