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The New Apex

So, any new strat theories based on what we know so far about the new Apex Parasaurolophus?

Bleed perhaps?

No bleed or rend. Itll probably have the same 80% resist to both for the fight. Much less if it has a heal in the raid kit, tho I’m doubting that.

Armor and shields. So things like dio that can keep up shields for the whole team. Better if they taunt and the user can do some counter. Distract probably wont be that useful here as it has resilient attacks.

Hard to say what strategies could work without knowing raid stats, moves and minions.


True although bleed works with all the bosses it just lowered; still we need to know the stats before we can make a plan

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Going off of what we’ve experienced with Mortem, who has Resilient and Cunning Minions, I’d wager the new Minions will be Fierce and Cunning this time. If they’ll still be Commons, I’ll bet they’ll either be Tarbosaurus or Allosaurus for the Fierce, and Tanycolgreus for the Cunning (unless I’m mistaken about Tany being a Cunning creature).

Considering we don’t know the raid kit or minions, no.

How about Arena stat?

Stuff like Tuora may not be super helpful due to resilient moves. Tryko will probably be great. Gemini as well. Max will still be good. Tryo will be good

I think you need different flavors of chomp this sounds like a creature that can regain health faster than you can rage that you got after still losing 30 trophies even though you faced a fully boosted level 30 team

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Tuara will still be really good, he can boost speed every two turn, and will help to kill minion before they do to much do.

After that, Dio or Baja will be amazing with group shield.

Cunning creature will be quite useless this time.

Of course, irritator and tryo will still shine.

And two heal creature will be recommended, to compensate for the counter attack of the boss.


That’s a good point. I was considering that this time only one healer would be best, similar to the Smilo raids.

But now that you brought that up, it would definitely be a good idea to have two healers.

Maybe a Thor and Trystronix combo in that regard might be best. Both with a lot of HP and Attack, plus Tryo’s RTC.

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If the new apex boss can’t breaks shields I expect a team with Tuor, Irri, Gemini and Dio would be good

Distracters are for sure useless

Finally i can use my powerfull Stand for kill an Apex boss. These will are great days for me, DIORAJASAURO.


This one is going to be harder than mortem. It has high attack, high hp, two rampages, heal, and a decelerating counter attack to make up for its low speed, and 50% distract resist.

Tryo or irritator
Dio or Baja as a third dino and
max or Thor or Gemini as a fourth Dino should do.

Dinosaur # 1. Tryostronix LV28 / LV29 / LV30 high HP, Speed, Atk
Dinosaur # 2. Thoroladosaur LV28 / LV29 / LV30 high HP, Speed, Atk
Dinosaur # 3. Touramoloch LV28 / LV29 / LV30 high HP, Speed, Atk
Dinosaur # 4. Diorajasaurus LV28 / LV29 / LV30 high HP, Speed, Atk
A possible combination to take down the new Apex Predator Killer, if you thought Mortem Rex was bad this puppy will kill you deader than a dodo bird in seconds if your not prepared to take it on with a decent high powered attack team sure as day / night .!.
Thor is a lean mean green chomping machine, Tryostronix is a power boosting superior chomping machine, Tourmoloch is a decent healer if used properly and in the right order, Diorajasaurus is a decent counter attacker with shields and also a good set of teeth in a good chomper… so basically you have a healer and 3 high powered chomping machines going against a high powered hitter that will rip you limb from limb if you give it the chance to.!. lol