The new arena exclusives?


So obviously the new update has added two new battle arenas, but I’m not even close to them, in currently in Lockdown. And I’m very curious on what the arena exclusive dinosaurs are for those two arenas, so let me know in the comments.


It doesn’t matter because they never give you the arena exclusives anyway. I’m in Sorna and in every single incubator no matter what the time on it is a bunch of gen 2 commons and epic Stygimoloch. Been playing in Sorna for a month and all I get is Epic Stygimoloch. Never have I seen an arena exclusive. I wrote them about this and they tried saying that it’s all random and you aren’t guaranteed to get the arena exclusives which is BS cause it says this nowhere in the game. What’s the point of working to get to an arena to get gen 2 triceratops and epic Stygimoloch? They also tried saying that they don’t have epic Stygimoloch programmed as the only Dino you get. I call bs on this too because I’ve been opening Sorna incubators for over a month straight and haven’t gotten anything besides Stygimoloch. There’s s point where this company is scamming people out of their money by falsely advertising perks for the game that aren’t even possible to obtain because of their programs. I’m not spending anymore money on this game until that issue itself is fixed.


Arena 9 is alanqa. Hope someone can tell what’s for 10