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The New Best bleeder?

In update 2.8 we got Scorpius rex gen 3 which is a new unique bleeder. We had a previous unique bleeder spinoconstrictor(and still is a bleeder). Has scorpius rex gen 3 taken the lead of the best bleeder in the game. please leave thoughts below.

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Well, if you stun your opponent, that is a guaranteed third of their hp gone if they are not resistant to bleed.

well yes at the moment scorpius gen3 is by far the best bleeder, but its lead most likely wont last so long cuz soon it will be taken by hydraboa


SCP 3 is indeed the best Bleeder in the game, mostly because it’s not just a bleeder. You have a good rampage, great Swap-In, and overall better utility than something like Spinoconstrictor.

Constrictor’s entire moveset is just based around its bleeding ability, mostly in order to take less damage so you can stick around and bleed out more HP. That’s what makes it less than good.

It’s not that it’s stalling nature is a problem, it’s that it can’t stall effectively, leading to its quick demise

Good point. Distractions and Dodges are not a great way to stall in the current meta.

Warbat, on the other hand, is focused on trying to get your opponent to swap out so you can then kill them, what with its massive bleed ability in Fabled Fangs and Alert-Counter Deception.

Of course with a stun attached to it’s bleed, it makes it the best. However Spinocon is the best counter to CompC, nothing they can do against the bleed counter.