The new bird strike event


so i completed the new strike event.7 painful rounds of birds swapping in and out and in and out. was tedious. I used monostegotops due its nullifying moves which made a little less tedious. Monolometrodon would be a good pick too if you want a less tedious experience. Defence shattering and nullifying moves. seems this creature was designed to take down the birds.


I used the t-rex for the whole thing it just destroyed shield after shield


My Irritator usually solo’d most of the battles. If he dies then my Baryonyx finished the half-dead bird.


I just used monomimus, and it never died, lol


Raptor, diplotator, Rex… anything that can disable a shield is enough to take down any ptero.


Monolometrodon is immune too. so having all the required features makes for a less tedious situation


At least the birds are good for something… testing out my Quetz, as she’s highest level, and i discovered that if you open with any of the pteros, it confuses the hell out of the opponent. These things are new, and not too many people are using them, but the confusion can quite often cause an opponent to either swap out after taking damage, at which point I swap out to a faster dino and swat it.

You’re basically catching your opponent with his trousers down.


i enhoy SIA. just not with the birds…yet. it seems they are just a wasted move at this point


I normally don’t give a hoot – I love the switch ins to be honest… Heeecck, I use a whole team of low leveled switchers just to make it fun for myself :wink::grin::hugs:

I even had my Girrafatitan in my fights and I didn’t even know that he had a SiA :heavy_heart_exclamation::upside_down_face:


When you take into consideration the science behind why pteros are so weak, you start to look at new ways of throwing them into battle, as a skirmisher.

Pteros had incredibly light skeletons, even the biggest ones. Quetzalcoatlus probably weighed around 150 pounds, fully grown. That seems odd for the largest pterosaur ever, but it had hollow bones. The arm and leg bones were reinforced with spongy tissue to act as shock absorbers when catapulting itself off the ground, but the rest of it was hollow bones. The skulls of most pterosaurs were so fragile, that many of them didn’t survive long enough to be fossilized.

Imagine in real life, a carnosaur vs. a Quetz. The Carnosaur bites down, and crushes the Quetz without any effort. It probably thought it bit into something that had no bones. Meanwhile, the Quetz lay crumpled on the ground like a torn paper kite.

It makes sense, because these were radically different creatures than dinosaurs, and the only real hope they had was to get off the ground and get enough altitude to avoid being someone’s dinner.

What are some improvements that can be done on the flying dinos?