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The new boost system simply doesn’t work

I don’t know about you guys, but I think the new boost system simply doesn’t work at all.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I don’t like boosts full stop, but this new system simply makes the game even worse than it was before.

Why? Because now they have been priced to the point that there is even less variety than before. It’s been a while since 1.10 brought in this new system and 2000 green cash for a one level boost has led to people simply cramming all boosts on the same Dinos and they can’t afford to experiment any more.

Before this expensive new system we could spread the boosts out and have more fun with them.

The only good thing about this system is that more people chose to play unboosted. And you can’t blame them really as who knows what Ludia may be capable of with the way they devalued what we had before in boosts.


Boosts 2.0 is way better than 1.0.

Don’t blame the price of boosts (even though it’s ridiculous prices) on leading people to cram all boosts onto one dino. People have done that because they weren’t clever enough to think it through. Nothing to do with the cost of boosts.

People that cram all onto one are the people that likely loose more often because there’s a high chance that particular dino isn’t in their battle.

Why do we need yet more boost topics. They are here to stay, it is better than 1.0, lets move on!


I can’t agree more with @GPx.

Boosts version 9999 will still be worse than Boosts 0.0.


I didn’t say they put them all on one Dino.
I said the same dinos, so the teams are just as they were before.
You think they are way better than before, and I don’t.
My reasons are laid out in my post and the fact that you disagree is cool.

The reason I say it now and create yet another boost post is because now it’s settled down, I have noticed that very little has changed in reality, except that less variety is present because of the inhibitive cost.


I think this new version is a lot better. Rarely do i find anything massively overboosted anymore and the variety of dinosaurs faced is a getting better. It’s not all the same at least for me.

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Agree, boosts are so badly designed that they will never work. Ever.
The only work around possible is to remove speed boost completely. Refund them as HP and ATK boosts. Speed tiers should not have been broken, they were the foundations of the PvP system and without that constant the system is broken.


yes, cramming ALL boosts into one single dino is a good way to lose. but spreading them over only 2-3 dinos is just way more powerful than evenly distributing them over your entire team. because with 2-3 you’re usually gonna get at least one of them. and those few dinos often times are able to run through people’s entire teams (of evenly boosted dinos) by themselves.


Wow Colin, where are you at if that’s the case?

I play in the lower library and everything is boosted to the max it seems. Thor, Erlidom, Magna, Tryko etc… and the only way to stay competitive is to keep up with the boosts and/or keep levelling them up.

The problem of course is that a massively boosted Thor with speed can wipe out your whole team, and it’s this kind of thing that makes me say what I’m saying. At my level a Thor with 140+ speed and a basic attack of over 2500 isn’t uncommon.


I was Lockwood Estate where my experiences come from, but I have now reached Aviary so we’ll see if my experiences remain the same - so far they are.

I’ve finding it better than Boosts 1.0 - Gyrosphere is relatively civilised; literally just set my season high score (sorry @Arnold GG) although its just shy of my October season high score and well short of November’s (my all time) high score.

However, I am only growing my boosts organically so it is getting harder and harder to level up ahead of the boosts arms race - I doubt I would be treading water if I hadn’t joined Apex - their donations are a massive help when it comes to improving my team.


It’s not perfect, but I like it far more than Boosts 1.0. Besides, I’m sick of them changing the system and causing drama and riots. No more changes, no more resets. They should leave them as they are, and move along. This is as good as we can get with boosts, in my opinion.

Boost are far from being even “acceptable”


Curious what level are you playing. In Aviary and Library (there are a ton of overboosted dinos, Thor mostly. There are entire threads about it - check 'em out.

EDIT: Saw you just entered Aviary. Good luck!

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The main problem to me, is once you invest in a dino with boosts it’s very tough to change your team after that. And it makes me anxious, and being anxious is the main reason I remain unboosted.

I like being able to change up my team at will without thinking about how will I get my boosts back and apply them on the next creature.

But I also see that with the 50% refund on boosts it helps us not see overboosted massive troll dinos as much because it’s harder to just dump boosts(of course there is still some who do it to Thor, procerat, and others but its less and usually means the rest of the team isn’t very good). So I don’t really know what to say. Maybe it is what it is.


i get anxious just thinking about where to allocate the ones i have. i had a rough plan of boosting “safe” dinos that i would want on my team regardless of metta change. Tryko was one. I was debating between smilonemys and maxima for a while. With the change to maxi, i may not boost her when i eventually make her. and smilon just has too low of damage to make her worthwhile. Thinking alloraptor atm but i need to see how she plays at team level first.

so many choices with a high priced commodity and a continuously evolving metta.

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Boosts 2.0 are waste of time and money. Another reset will happen sooner or later. We have two parallel worlds in arena. In top arenas it all about who have more boosted dinos. Up to Library you can easily play high lvl unboosted team. Low boosted dinos are actually pretty much useless when they aren’t high levels. So there are some overboosted monsters that take easy wins, cause they can.

Soon players will realize that buying boosts with earned cash, speeding incubators won’t make their teams better, more competitive.


I really love Alloraptor and Carbotops a lot. Easily two of my favorite creatures and designs in the game. But hold off on allorap. She’s going to get a nasty hybrid. If your team is low enough to support a lvl 20 you could use her a little. But past that I’d wait for a hybrid.

That’s what worries me. Like if I use my boosts and then carbotops and allorap get uniques. How will I regain traction with my boosts. I currently have 2,500-2,700 of each stat boost atm. Used 0.

I remember back when to advance you just needed to hunt dinosaurs and learn to battle better.