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The new cenozoic hybrid worth it


well at nearly 1500hp and 500dam i got to say its worth it but getting 15,960 dna for 1 thats a lot of saving

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I’m personally not very interested with the Cenozoic stuff so like I don’t really spend DNA on it I just kinda upgrade as I acquire them through packs or challenges.

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I got it to flesh out my Cenozoic battle dinos, but I wouldn’t have gotten it if I didn’t already have both the dinos used to fuse it at level 40.

So meh, cool, but I’d rather see some other land hybrids especially with different voice effects.

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I got it only as a collector and to see all of its stats. Not worth it unless two things happen, one a Cenozoic battle happens that only allows super rare or lower or you do not have access to either the Titanoboa or the Gigantophis (about to be available if you reach and keep dominator in the current tournament).

The Titanoboa has better stats and costs less DNA
I believe the Gigantophis will cost around what the Titanoboa does and it’s stats are on par.