The new creatures idea chaptor 1: T-Rex Pride

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Buck. the Father of junior.

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Doe. the Mother of junior.

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Junior. son of Buck and Doe.

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Big eatie. the Mother of little eatie.

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Little eatie. daughter of Big eatie.

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Carcharodontosaurus. the large Apex predetor of Africa.

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Ghost. the White Atrociraptor.

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Tyrannotops. The Tyrannt face. most powerful, fierceset dinosaur.

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Would like to see all of them in-game at some point. It’s kinda crazy, but I kind of wish TLW Rex family would be a flock. But for now, I’m just glad we got Rexy

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Why do some of the rexes have less than 1600 damage?

well, just for a balance.

Allosino has instant charge,so why not increase little eaties damage

um…okay. i’ll increase little eatie dmg

these could also be just skins for rexy and both t rex skins

Hey guys, i made chaptor 2 now.
please see this Suggestions. The new creatures idea chaptor 2: Power army