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The new creatures in the march match

We have got kaprosuchus gen 2 and we are about to get edmontosaurus what do you think the other 2 creatures are going to be I am thinking giraffatitan and scolosaurus.

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Miragaia (we didn’t had a new stegosaur for ages) and haast eagle

It’s probably edmontosaurus

Giraffititan is basically an African brachiosaur

I rather think of a gen 2 carnotaurus or a gen 2 hutaraptor or even an edmontonia.

Miragaia and the tourney hybrid that wins

I heard that we are going to get spinosaurus gen 2 but what about scolosaurus or giraffatitan

It’s been confirmed that the last tournament is the tournament hybrid that we voted for (Segnosuchus, Dunkleosaurus, or Smithethoceras).