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The new Dino request


Can we get new Dino is called Thanos in the game when Avengers Endgane released?:smile: it would be perfect time to add this Dino in the game


They would need to have a collab with avengers endgame and get copyright approval like they did with fortnite otherwise Ludia would get sued


Plus I think there was a thread like this posted a few months back. Unfortunately it’s going to be a no.

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@OstaposaurusBae agreed

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Who knows they might do it


Lmao nice joke

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It’s not outside the realm of possible, but it’s highly unlikely due to a plethora of circumstances. Due to the amount of circumstances, I don’t think Ludia would pursue it since this is a game based around Jurassic Park/World, nor would I think Universal would be OK with this licenced game promoting a movie not made by Universal.

There are a lot of complications, so while I appreciate your optimism, I’m just trying to add in some reality.


@OstaposaurusBae then lets hope they add Xenomorphs in the game :slight_smile:


But it’s still cross-IPing, which once again is unlikely.