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The new Fierce Hero for our arena (Acrocanthodon)

Hey, I created my first dino and I tried to create a different type of fierce dino that can perform even in endgame situations I believe. I know acrothops is already getting a hybrid, but this may leave a new template for fierce dinos

The design of this Wildcard-Fierce type combines the prototypical Fierce class with the healing/cleansing aspect of the healers. I wanted to create this because the only other fierce type creature that combines with a healer is tenontorex, so I thought it’d be a fresh take

So basically I created 2 new moves to fill unique situations and purposes:

1.Cleansing Shattering Impact - Delay 1/Cooldown 2 - The point is to add bits of versatility from the Resilient class to make this Fierce more adaptive to its opponent rather than just falling at the knees of cunnings and resilients. I felt the delay and cooldown were necessary to balance the move in comparison to cleansing shattering strike and its overall kit

now to my favourite part of this dino (wanted to call it vampiric bite, but settled with impact for clarity)

2.Vampiric Impact - Cooldown 3 - This new move would add a great amount of diversity in its gameplay, seeing that hydraboa will introduce healing attack moves (its constricting rampage). The move is basically a Defense Shattering Strike that heals for half the damage dealt, not half of the attack stat. This means the move can be played around using distraction and dodges, allowing for counterplay to exist. The concept allows for its more fierce gameplay to take over matchups and provide a way for fierce dinos to outlast the vulnerability onslaught rampant in today’s meta

Below are my justifications for its stats, its passive and resistances that I’ve tacked onto this:

Stats - The health (4400) is slighter lower than that of crusher type fierces, which makes sense because of its healing capabilties. The attack (1500) is lower than that of acrothops due to its more versatile moveset and the speed is the same as both components have 112 speed.

On-Escape Heal - This is largely to shut down the Swap-In weaknesses of the fierce class and encourage a bloodbath/gladiator type gameplay for Acrocanthodon.

Resistances - The DOT resistance isn’t necessary due its moveset but I kept it in, The Stun resistance and vulnerability resistance was important for be a prime counter to the resilient class. Also, the distraction resistance comes from arctops, and should also feature in acrocanthops but unfortunately doesn’t somehow

I believe this is largely balanced, yet clearly outclasses most fierce dinos which signifies the state the class is in. I believe it has the potential to put the resilient class (ardentis,gem, and possibly even skoona?) and swapping threats (dracos and cera especially) in its place, whilst being controlled mostly by cunnings still, namely : erlikospyx, utahrinex, poukan plus erlidom and magna situtationally.

I know this hybrid won’t ever be in the books for Ludia (but hopefully they can implement some of these concepts in the parasauthops hybrid, especially vampiric impact), but this has truly been so fun to make and design this new hero of the fierce class and hopefully can restore some balance to the arena.

Please let me know what you think of my first creation and/or my explanations or details, and thank you so much for reading this long rundown haha.

Also if someone is interested in creating some concept drawings for this, i would love to see it in a similar vein as acrocanthops but with the green iguanodon stripes.

and if anyone can inform me how to use the drop-down menu, i could hopefully implement it to streamline reading


This is an excellent hybrid concept, yet you gave it lower damage and health due to the versatility of its complicated moveset, which balances this thing out perfectly. I would definitely love to see this hybrid ingame.


thanks a lot. I generally lowered its attack because we dont wanna see an unkillable fierce that just keeps healing, aka fierce testa haha, also it has some distract resist to offset it

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Ye very true