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The new gen 2, from the worst to the best according to statistics

1#parasaurolophus,health 2873,attack 898:total 3771,too bad to be too cool Dino

2#kaprosuchus, health 2892, attack904: total 3796Screenshot_20210309-193528
3#triceratops, health 3172, attack 733: total 3905
4#pteranodon, health 3064, attack 958: total 4022
5#dilophosaurus, health 3401, attack 709: total 4102,dilophosaurus is the best current gen 2!

You have to calculate the Ferocity:
Attack x 3.2. + life.

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Actually, the game has it’s own way of calculating strength called ferocity. You calculate this by doing attack x 3.2 + health.
This way the order is actually this:
Triceratops 5517 ferocity
Dilophosaurus 5669 ferocity
Parasaurolophus 5746 ferocity
Kaprosuchus 5784 ferocity
Pteranodon 6129 ferocity


Actually no, Guanlong has 31 more health.

sorry I saw badly

Yeah but one day I had a 234 life dinosaur and the opposing dinosaur had 100 attacking and he beat me in two hits, math died in that game

Nope 2 hits = 2.4 x
100 x 2.4= 240




Memorising this and playing with a calculator will get you very far with crappy dinos


You really only need to know 1-4. Much past that and your situation is pretty hopeless.

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the mathematics of Victory…

Ptera Gen 2 is actually the best land Tourney dino in the game.

After that Kapro

Then Para


Lastly, Trike.

Ferocity (Attack* 3.2 + Health) is the standard equation because it shows how good a dino can withstand hits, how hard it hits, or a combination of both.

Thus a dino with a lotta HP is just as powerful as a dino with almost equal HP and attack.

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poor trike, I am disgusted.

yes, one day my opponent had a level 38 pterodaustro, a level 27 concavenator and a level 40 pachyrinosaur and I won with a rotten team of a level 10 concavenator, a level 20 antarctopelta and a prestosuchus level 10, I used antarctopelta against the pterodaustro (pterodaustro is attack based, it sucks in health) and I used concavenator against pachi and prestosuchus against concavenator @CodexOfTime.

I guess we’re only counting the tournment legendary gen 2 creatures?

Personally love the gen 2 indominus rex and indoraptor, with opposite color schemes compared to each other AND their own gen 1 variations

yes it is the case, only the gen 2 of tournament, if not indoraptor gen 2 which have the colors of blue will have won!

Can you edit this so It’s by ferocity

Already did:

dilo gen 2 is definitely not superior to ptera. he’s another redundant carnivore unlike pteranodon gen 2 who is extremely useful as a great pterosaur. he’s also just, worse stat wise. balanced stats will almost always be better then stats skewed in 1 direction(ex. apatosaurus or thylacosmilus.)

disagree sir Jaeger apatosaurus is a good tank…

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